hazelnut1968 5:21pm, 24 July 2007
Hi all! I sorta kinda stumbled onto Flickr a couple of weeks ago and have discovered y'all. My name's Pat; I live in PG County and have lived in MD for most of my life. I hope to share my more interesting pix with you.
Sidereal PRO 11 years ago
Phil Romans PRO 11 years ago
hazelnut1968 11 years ago
Thanks! :o)
Patricia Teller 11 years ago
Hello--I think you'll like it here.
r_lutz 11 years ago
I just stumbled upon this group as well. Living in eastern Baltimore County...right thar in Perry Hall. Was sorta getting an inferiority complex, not seeing all that many people on Flickr from the area. Good to know there is a local group. Posting some pix in a minute. Usually do the landscape thing as well as night photos.
Maryland1RN 11 years ago
welcome to the group guys!
Sidereal PRO 11 years ago
Welcome, r_lutz!
elmosplash5196 11 years ago
Welcome! Im new too i live in Montgomery county though Have fun in flickr
I ♥ MY NIKON :) 11 years ago
I too live in montgomery county, nice to see a local on here!!!
Ali Smiles :) 11 years ago
I lived in Chevy Chase, MD until about six weeks ago when I moved back home to England to live.
I want to stay a member of this group though, so I can see the lovely photos of Maryland to remind me of three happy years!
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