2:26pm, 13 July 2007
I'm setting up a Photo Hike at the Orange Grove Area of the Patapsco State Park for Saturday July 21st at 10am. The meeting area is at the parking lot near Cascade Falls. From there we'll cross the swinging bridge where we'll be at the ruins of the Orange Grove Mill and the B&O Old Main Line railroad tracks. We'll follow the trail north and grab some lunch at a scenic spot above the rails and then head north to Bloedes Dam. If time permits we may head further north to Ilchester Rocks where we might catch some rock climbers doing their thing.

Below is a printable map of the area, directions to the meeting spot and the trails of the area in case anyone wants to venture out on their own. I'll have a few printed out to hand out at the site, if you plan on attending please reply and let us know! Because of the nature of the equipment most people will bring, rain heavier than the occasional drizzle will cancel the event.

$2 a person for park admission, bring your own lunch, plenty of water, your camera and comfortable shoes. Some things to think of for the hike: Camera, batteries, memory cards/film, tripod/cable release, sunscreen, hat, walking stick, and a trash bag to carry out your trash. The whole hike will be a few miles round trip, mainly on paved trails. The walk to Cascade Falls and to the lunch spot are unpaved and uphill. Everyone is invited, the more the merrier. 11 years ago
Got about half a dozen people confirmed for this so far, there is some interest in the rain 'policy'. I have rain covers for my gear and a few others do as well. So according to popular demand we're still on in case of rain. If it rains and you are still joining us, be sure to take whatever steps necessary to ensure your gear stays dry.

Another question came up about the conditions of the trails. The walk to Cascade Falls from the meet-up area is uphill and not paved. The lunch spot is not paved either but everything else is. See the map, the gray lines are paved walkways.
I ♥ MY NIKON :) 11 years ago
Hi I am new to your group, trying to arrange a sitter for the day. Do you have any iea about how long the roundtrip will take?????? 11 years ago
D80, I'm figuring on being done by 3pm. That may be early or late depending on the amount of people we have show up. I certainly want everyone to be able to get a chance to photograph to their hearts' content, meet others, share tips, etc..

If there are others that need to leave early, or want to venture forward on their own, more power to them. I will be bringing a handful of maps (the same one as above) for exactly that reason.

Hope you can attend, maybe shoot for leaving the park at 3pm and if we run over in time and you need to get back, the hike back to the car from the furthest point in our trek (Ilchester Falls) is only a little over a mile.

Weather Update: Saturday should be a beautiful day. A high in the mid 80's and a 10% chance of rain. Partly cloudy. High UV index, so don't forget the sunscreen!
I ♥ MY NIKON :) 11 years ago
Great many thanks, I am working on it and hopefully I will get to attend. I am new to DSLR and have only had my camera a few months. But I love it.... Hope to see you guys Saturday! 11 years ago
Excellent, bring questions, there should be some brains you can pick and learn from while out there. Also, if you have a tripod and a polarizer you might want to think about bringing them as well. A tripod is only really needed at the falls, we'll pass the parking lot on the way to the other sights and you can stow it back in the car. Mine is too heavy to lug around but I might end up switching to a monopod for the rest of the hike.

Sidereal PRO 11 years ago
I was planning on going, but it looks like I'm going to OTAKON with my daughter. A different kind of photo experience :) 11 years ago
Sorry you won't be joining Side - have fun at Otakon. I bet that would be fun to photograph.
Sidereal PRO 11 years ago
I look forward to seeing the photos from the hike! Maybe everyone should use a common tag so we can find 'em?
I ♥ MY NIKON :) 11 years ago
What is the tag, (I just used hike) so we can all see the pics? It was a good hike. Thanks Guys!!! 11 years ago
D80 & Side, I've been using 'MDPhotoHike' all one word. I've put 3D's up over the weekend and hope to get to my regular photos in the next day or so.
I ♥ MY NIKON :) 11 years ago
ok, MDPHOTOHIKE it is! I saw the HD pics last night, they are good!!!!!!!
cold driving [deleted] 11 years ago
I wish i would have joined a tad earlier, I would have loved to attend. 11 years ago
Kasey, there was a lot of interest in doing this again so I'm sure we'll be doing another meetup soon.
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