Hello Maryland!

_NJT_ 5:57pm, 12 July 2007
Hey everybody!
my name is Nijat. I'm a teen from Azerbaijan- a country situated between Turkey,Russia&Iran. I'm international student&will stay in Laurel,Maryland during a year!!!
So,would you please tell me more about this amazing state and country.
Thank You!!
Sidereal PRO 11 years ago
Welcome to Maryland! Laurel is in between Washington, DC and Baltimore, both of which are interesting cities. You should visit all of the museums and monuments in DC when you can. Baltimore is where all the cool people are :)

East of Laurel is the Chesapeake Bay, which has many beautiful places to visit, and a lot of local history to explore.

North and West take you into the countryside and into the mountains, which also have many beautiful places to visit.

Will you have a car while you are here?
_NJT_ 11 years ago
Thank you so much for your reply! Defenitely ,i'll do my best to visit all that wonderful places:)I'd love to swim in Atlantic ocean:) No I won't, because I'm 17&my program ( forbides me driving car in the US. I'm gonna stay in a host family&gonna attend high school.I'm really eager to go to the USA,cuz I wanna learn american lifestyle, make new friends,have fun:)&tell more about my country,religion,customs etc. 11 years ago

It makes you think - sometimes you get bored of your home and surroundings and to see someone eager to visit it and do things that we take for granted is a breath of fresh air.

Lots of things to do here, Atlantic Ocean is only about two hours east. DC is fun and the museum tour Side mentioned is a must! The National Air & Space Museum (the one in Virginia near Dulles Airport is the best in my opinion) is a great sight to see. Our parks are pretty breathtaking. Lots of those and wildlife preserves in the area. History of our country's birth is all around and you'll be pretty much in the middle of it.

Hope your host family is good to you and takes you plenty of places. Let us know when you'll be here and what you think. I'd love to be part of the show and tell of your lifestyle, I'm embarrassed to say I have never heard of your country until I read your post.

Sidereal PRO 11 years ago
When will you be here, Nijat?
sljz_70 11 years ago
AFS is a good program, I expect your host family will keep you busy while you are here. Laurel is a good location. You are not very far from the Metro into DC. Remember that the museums on the mall (and some off the mall) are free, so they can take up a lot of your time. Although much maligned, suburbia can also give a unique perspective on your visit. Enjoy your time here.
Patricia Teller 11 years ago
I agree with the suggestions already posted and look forward to progress reports from you. Welcome to Maryland!!
traceracer 11 years ago
Welcome to Laurel, Nijat! I'm a teacher at Laurel High School and look forward to meeting you. There's actually a good chance you'll be in my class. I'm sure you'll make many friends and do lots of fun things with your host family and fellow students. I encourage you to join the Outdoors Club because they sponsor many activities - including a ski weekend! Good luck!
_NJT_ 11 years ago

WOW!!:))I'm really SO happy that I'll stay in such a beautiful place!Space museum!!that's great! i do luv astronomy! Yes John,my host family is PERFECT:))ok! I promise I will! Azerbaijan is a beautiful country!:) oh I can talk a lot about my country! Let’s meet one day and I’ll tell everything abouit it:) btw You can find useful info here


Quite soon:) the 6th of August!!!

I’m sure you can succeed in chess:)))


Yes AFS is a great program:) InshAllah! Thank you!!!

pt harriet

Merci beaucoup :))) Ok! I’ve already bought a diary:)


Thank you!! Actually, I’ll attend Reservoir High School in Fulton. But anyway I’d love to meet everybody living in Laurel, Maryland and the USA:)) I’m sure I’ll have a lot of friends there! Socializing is very important for me! Cuz I’m living in Baku where population is more than 2 million people:)

Thank You All! I really appreciate Your willingness to help me! Chokh Sag olun (Thank You in azerbaijani:)
wizard of moz 11 years ago
Hey Nijat!

So, you won't be driving...well, you can hop on the train between DC and Baltimore. DC has a great metro system. Baltimore, well...not the best public transportation. I get around quicker on my bike than the bus. But, the light rail can get you into the downtown area...from there, many of the sights are withing a reasonable walking distance.

Plenty to see and enjoy in the Baltimore/DC metro area. You have a great year ahead of you. Don't forget the mountains of Western Maryland and Harper's Ferry is worth the visit.

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