miscelena PRO 12:41pm, 12 July 2007
JohnMilleker.com 11 years ago
Excellent find! I plan on entering this - $10 for three images and $3 for each additional image isn't bad! Thanks for sharing.

Hoping to get a photo get-together going at Patapsco State Park on Saturday July 21st starting at 10am. The outing planned should give plenty of photo opportunities to photograph a beautiful section of the park for the DNR contest. Anyone interested can read more in the Baltimore Flickr group here:

Sidereal PRO 11 years ago
DNR = Department of Natural Resources
Sidereal PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sidereal (member) 11 years ago
There's PRIZES!!! :)

If anyone submits one or more photos to this contest, it would be great if you also posted them here in this thread (assuming they're online).
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