CkH~Lovin' Life 4:16am, 30 April 2007
Are you getting comments on your photos from this group?
Maryland1RN 11 years ago
nope!! it's ok though..
KLowD9x 11 years ago
No one comments on anything. Ever.
John(ny) D Posted 11 years ago. Edited by John(ny) D (member) 11 years ago

Under penalty of death!
CkH~Lovin' Life 11 years ago
That is such a bummer because if I can learn from someone's constructive comments, I'd really like that!
John(ny) D 11 years ago
All right, might not mean death.
Sidereal PRO 11 years ago
I'm not sure how one would be able to tell that the comments came from viewing in this group.
Patricia Teller 11 years ago
I have commented on photos in this group, but I don't know whether I've received comments from this group. I enjoy the group whether I am specifically commented on by the group or not.
Phil Romans PRO 11 years ago
Sidereal I know there is a script you can use via ScriptMonkey if they viewed your photo via the group to indicate that they did see it via a group, a stream, etc.
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