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Gaithersburg area camera stores

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twoeightnine says:

Hey everyone, I'm currently crashing at my sister's in Gaithersburg for a bit and have a question. Are there any good camera stores in the area? I drove around for a bit yesterday and could only find Moto Photo which, well, is more of a printer. Thanks.
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miscelena says:

There's a Penn Camera in Rockville....?


Federal Plaza
12266-F Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (301) 231-7366
Fax: (301) 984-7366
Store Hours:
10am-9pm Monday-Friday
10am-6pm Saturday
11am-6pm Sunday
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twoeightnine says:

interesting, i definitely passed that on my drive yesterday but was so confused by my surroundings that i missed it. i'll have to check it out tomorrow. thanks!
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Coal and Ice says:

Not in Gaithersburg
in fact a bit of a haul what
with traffic in the DC Burbs
but I used to swear by these guys


Got my first light meter from them - on credit.
Not credit card, but credit - i.o.u.
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JoeCroos says:

There is a Ritz Camera in Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg.
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claytor1 says:

There's also a (bigger) Ritz in the Fallsgrove shopping center on Shady Grove Rd. They're pretty nice there. The Penn Camera mentioned above is great as well - lots of nice stuff there that you won't find at Ritz.
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I ♥ MY NIKON :) says:

I used to go to Ritz @ olney, then took a few classes at Falls Grove Ritz, nice store nice people, a bigger Ritz. Lately been going to Penn camera. Penn seems to have more stuff!!!
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