JoeCroos 8:26pm, 14 November 2006
In DC-MD-VA metro area, where do you print? I want to print some of my work in 8x10 or bigger to hang them in my living room. Anyone has recommendation or suggestion?
Karol A Olson PRO 12 years ago
I've had good luck with Ritz. Colors good, prices reasonable, service prompt, guy behind the counter very polite.
Phil Romans PRO 12 years ago
I send my stuff off to Been very happy with the results.
:: Meg :: Posted 12 years ago. Edited by :: Meg :: (member) 12 years ago
MBC Precision Imaging has 11 locations
all throughout MD, DC, and VA.

Great family owned business.
Really great service and employees specializing in large format printing and reproductive prints.
Orbital Joe PRO 12 years ago
I'm with Phil on this one...Always had great results and service from mpix...reasonable prices too...they're pros
C_C_R 12 years ago
Mpix is the best, just ordered some prints sunday and recieved them on tuesday evening. nice packing and perfect prints. Seem cheaper than ritz as well. 12 years ago
When I'm printing photos for myself I use CostCo. They have an ICC profile available on and update it regularly. Mind boggling prices, great colors off their Noritsu, Fuji Crystal Archive paper, web upload on and 1 hour processing on everything up to 11x14. Three hours on 11x14 up to 12x18 sizes.

Well worth the membership fee.
Steve V. 12 years ago
How do these places handle digital sizing? 12 years ago
I've found that unless you're paying the higher price of a lab where each of your images is being handled personally, you're better off sizing everything yourself.
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