Hello Squishy 11:43am, 14 November 2006
I live in northern Virginia near DC and I am looking for good spot I can take pictures of my car prefereably somewhere scenic like woods with colorful autumn trees around as the background or with a lake nearby.

Anyone can recommend any places like that? Best would be a little secluded as I don't want to bump into lots of people while I am taking pictures.

awillard PRO 12 years ago
national parks, local parks...it is cold out now so there will be less people. Find a backroad anywhere. Catoctin or Sugarloaf Mountain. Blackwater falls. Harpers Ferry. You may be a little late for the leaves though.
JoeCroos 12 years ago
Black Hills Park in Boyds/Germantown, MD...I have some pictures in my stream.
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