humdrum button [deleted] 9:38pm, 11 June 2006
Hi group,

I'm kinda new to the group, so I figured perhaps a proper introduction would be polite.
My name is Ben Graves and I am in the US navy as an enlisted sailor and I work across the bay from the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

I've recently picked up a digital camera and I've been trying to teach myself photography over the past few months. I've taken pictures of a lot of the downtown annapolis area, the academy, and my base so far. I've had a great time doing so, and really enjoying the learning experiences I've had.

I'm writing this mostly to ask you, the group members where you think I should look to continue taking new and fresh photos. I suppose I wonder if anyone has a few place in mind that look amazing, or that are just darn interesting. If anyone has any such places to share, I would love to hear about it !

Thanks, and hopefully this will be fun!
iso100 12 years ago
I hear there's a 'tractor graveyard' somewhere across they bay bridge not far from Rt50. It's said to be filled with old vintage tractors rusting and decaying.
by M~ 12 years ago
Hey Ben!

I just peeked at your photostream and promise that I didnt litter or disturb the peace...

I am in the Western part of the state and have very little advice for you as to what to shoot in your "neck of the woods" but just wanted to welcome you to the group and remind you that sometimes the landmarks and tourist spots are far less interesting than the stuff the you stumble upon when you take the time to explore...and keep your eyes open.

:::Googles "tractor graveyard" and prepares for roadtrip:::

Jeffrey Was Here 12 years ago
I'm new to the group but have lived inthis area for a while. If I were you, I'd make a day trip out of it and check out some of the smaller places on the Eastern Shore. Rock Hall, Tilghman Island, St. Michael's (kind of touristy) Chestertown, Cambridge, Chesapeake City (where I'm at) .... Anything that gets you off the highways....

You'll find plenty to shoot.
Sidereal PRO 12 years ago
"tractor graveyard" and "road trip" sounds like a good combination! :)
Flickr Dave 12 years ago
Go to Calvert Cliffs and look for fossils on the beach. I've always wanted to do that but never made the trip.
iso100 12 years ago
I hear the fossils are getting harder and harder to find at Calvert Cliffs over time.

How about downtown Annapolis? There are TONS of photographic possibilities there. All four of the shots below were taken between 6 and 8am one morning before work:

Annapolis Morning IMG_0045_Flat IMG_0072 Reflections of Annapolis
... oh, and that was only over on the other side of the Eastport bridge in the Eastport boat yards. Other subjects are available in downtown.
Nikographer [Jon] PRO 12 years ago
I've got a few places for you, but be warned I spent a good bit of time in these spots to catch the action....

Centennial Lake off 108 in Columbia:
Eye See YouBald Eagle gets his Prey

Great Falls National Park, Maryland:
Bald Eagle @ Great Falls 6/18/2006The Potomac Marches On - Flooding June 2006Full Flaps - Great Blue Heron @ Great Falls, MD

Greenbelt Lake (Buddy Attick Park):
Almost Airborne

BWI Airport observation area (Off of Rt 176 I think):
Southwest Maryland 1 - DSC_8634
Bob Reck PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Bob Reck (member) 12 years ago
@Ben: Welcome. I'm still sort of new here to and new to photography. I don't know of many interesting places to photograph yet, and really that's part of the challenge for me as well. I guess I don't always have a knack for picking up on what to shoot. Frequently I see other people's photos and think, "Why didn't I think of that."

@IS0100 & Sidereal: I think the "Tractor Graveyard" you may be referring to is actually an antique tractor "Museum" (if you can call it that). My mother-in-law lives in Federalsburg, MD. On the way to her house, we pass this place and I remember laughing at it the first time I saw it because it does look more like a graveyard than a museum. You get there by taking 50 East to 404. Follow 404 through Denton and then turn right onto 313 (Federalsburg Hwy). It's a few miles down on the right. I believe this is their web site here:

@Nikographer (Jon): The BWI observation area (aka: Thomas A. Dixon, Jr. Aircraft Observation Area) is located on Dorsey Road (Rt. 176). Here are some shots I took there a few months ago.
humdrum button [deleted] 12 years ago
Gosh, thanks for all the replies everyone! I am very much interested in checking some of these places out! ( hooray for 4 day weekends! )

Happy Independence Day also, July 4th will be here soon! Be safe!
Bob Reck PRO 12 years ago
Yeah man... 4th of July... Fireworks photos! Happy July 4th everyone!
humdrum button [deleted] 12 years ago
I just spent some time at Greenbury point nature preserve here near the Naval Station and got some really enjoyable pictures!

Yes, fireworks! woohoo!
Phil Romans PRO 12 years ago
For those in the Baltimore area who love BBQ:

August 11th and 12th. (yes, thats a Friday and Saturday)
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