Fish.Man 1:42pm, 6 September 2012
Hi group members

I am working on a book proposal for an interesting book about the Philippine Seas and I will need some excellent images to accompany it.

All images MUST have been taken in The Philippines. They should be images you consider your best work.

Below you will find the subjects I am looking for:

If you have great images in any of these categories, kindly drop me a message with an indication of where I can see the images you have in mind.

Give me an indication of what you have in mind regarding compensation for use of your images, should I be interested in including them in a book.


Underwater images (creatures, divers or sea creatures)

Underwater images (fishing related activities of any kind)

Above water (fish markets or fish for sale)

Above water (fishermen and fishing village life of any kind)

Dynamite fishing or other destructive practices (above or below water)

Fish in aquariums (either for eating or aquarium export)

Sea shells and the seashell trade in The Philippines

People gleaning (food gathering) near or in the sea in The Philippines

Thank you for your offerings, I will try and get back to everybody that writes.
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