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How to Create Exposure Using Facebook

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Rasty4 says:

Introduction to Facebook (fb.flexyguitar.com)
Do you have a business? If you are an entrepreneur with a conventional business, you no doubt have friends who took their business online. And you probably want to do the same yourself. So you create a website, upload it to a web server, and hope for the best. Your site may be indexed by search engines. Within a certain time frame, you may start seeing orders come in, although slow at first.
Well, there is a way for you to blow your competition out of the water, and make millions of dollars online, and you don’t even have to depend on Google or other search engines to rank you or send you traffic. Let social media help you. The biggest social media site so far other than Twitter is Facebook. For this e-book, I will focus on Facebook and show you how you can use this tremendously famous social media site to make millions.
If you have a product that is in big demand, and have a super pulling sales letter on your site, you shouldn’t have a problem making a ton of money with your product. Before getting into how to make a ton of money using Facebook, let’s review Facebook and see why it is the choice of all social media sites to get involved with. I believe once you see what Facebook can do, you’ll agree with me that Facebook is the way to go.
Facebook was founded in 2004 as a privately owned company. In the beginning, four college dorm roommates got together and created a chatroom for themselves. This project would later serve millions each day. Facebook’s main headquarters is in Palo Alto, California. But they also have a branch in Dublin, Ireland.
They currently have well over 1400+ employees and made $800 million in 2009. Most of that was by way of advertising. They have an excellent pay-per-click advertising system.
Facebook is no doubt the most popular social media website online and is constantly growing. In fact, Facebook recently went past 500 million members. With that many members, why shouldn’t you take advantage of the social media site and make a ton of money from them. All you need is a nice product or even service that people want or need. Create a nice profile and fan page, and once you do that, you will be on your way to have a successful money making product.
All it takes is for you to start by signing up. Once you do that, then begin making friends with people. Connect with others and write on the Wall and use the News Feed. Do that and you are on your way.
12:59PM, 25 August 2011 PST (permalink)

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