nawetgdyby 8:13pm, 19 March 2012
I have occasion to buy Mamiya c330s from the net auction, but I don't really know this camera. Seller sent mi some photos. Please can you look to these pictures and tell me is it OK? I know that these are only pictures, but maybe you know already is something wrong or not? As you can see camera is a bit of dusty.

Is there any problem on image:
that the left spool place has bent piece of plate?

Please can you give my quick answer? Seller is waiting
steve_thorley PRO 6 years ago
It all looks ok from the pics. As far as I can tell.
I think what you are mean in the left spool section, is the spring loaded roller which counts how much film has been taken up by the spool.
nawetgdyby 6 years ago
Thank you for your answer. Is it normal that this spring loaded roller is tilted to the right?
Anther question. I alway think that focusing screen is a integrated piece, like in this picture:

,but in mamiya that we talking about has something like this:

Is it possible that focusing screen can be badly adjustet because using of this or is it normat to hold as on picuture?

Seller told my that lens has some dust inside. Is it big problem?
steve_thorley PRO 6 years ago
Yes it's normal for the spring loaded roller to be tilted, when there is no film on the takeup spool

I wouldn't worry about the focusing screen, looks like it is partly removed to take the photo of the mirror. It should be fine.

Dust, depends on how much dust we are talking about, just a few tiny specks is not going to make a difference, if it is a lot it just needs a service. Either way not a big problem, most old cameras have some dust inside the lens elements, it's not unusual.
fenderslash 6 years ago
Regarding the screen:

The photo you posted shows the mirror under the screen rather than the screen itself. The screens are removable because there were a number of different optional screens available, which is why it can be lifted up as shown in the photo.

The eBay photo is for a C330 / C330f screen. Be careful if you're thinking of purchasing a different or spare screen for the C330S, because they're different to the earlier screens. In other words that "eBay" screen won't fit the C330S camera.
nawetgdyby 6 years ago
I bought this Mamiya - beautiful camera in exc. condition. Better than in pictures (after removing dust). But..
I have exact the same issue as on film:

Sometimes I must turned film advance crank 360 degrees, sometimes 720 degrees to crank block. I must put 2 empty spools to get counting frames move. But when I set to multi on multilple exposure dial option is it normal that this count is running anyway?
nawetgdyby 6 years ago
I figured it out that on multi option I must manually set the shutter lever :). I read the manual and there is: " Depending on the kind of take-up spools (especially in case of metal one) the shutter may not be cocked by a single winding". But I have regular spool. Do you have the same issue?
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