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sticky shutter lever on c3 80mm lens

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naminukas says:

anyone know how to service a sticky shutter lever (the outside silver lever on the left side) on this lens? I can still operate it with my finger but after firing it sticks in the down position and i'll inadvertently fire it again when i cock the shutter. i have to manually move it up each time.
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milksss says:

I'm having this same problem with a 135mm lens...

any suggestions?
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Cani bravi. [deleted] says:

It happened with my 180mm too; I think it could be a problem caused by long time non-use, because now it happens rarely but I learned to check it after every single shot.
Try to cock the shutter and fire many times.
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milksss says:

do you think there is an easy repair for it? Same here, it's becoming a habit to unstick it every time. I didn't notice it until after a motorcycle crash with my camera bag on.. it may have been knocked a little too hard or something.
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Cani bravi. [deleted] says:

If there's no damage apparently outside, I don't know how to service it, but just one suggest: don't oil it.
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mangoandtabasco says:

I had this problem for about a year ago and I could not justify the $95 to send it in. Finally, after some googling, I was able to fix it myself.

First of all, check that the flash sync X/M setting on the lens is set to X. Apparently, having it set on M may cause sticky shutter.

If that doesn't work, put a few drops on Ronsonol lighter fluid on the shutter leaf and exercise the shutter. It's a fairly simple procedure and requires no tools. To do this, follow these steps.

1. Unscrew the viewing lens by turning it counter clockwise by hand. There is a washer on this lens that comes separate from the thin metal piece connecting both lenses, so don't lose it.

2. Unscrew the taking lens in similar fashion. The taking lens will have the thin metal plate connecting both lenses. The lens will unscrew below this piece. This will expose the shutter leaf.

3. Put a few drops of the lighter fluid directly on the shutter leaf and exercise the shutter. I swabbed the shutter very carefully with a cotton swab to clean off the gunk, but this may not be necessary. If you swab both sides of the shutter, you will have to open the aperture wide open.

I did all the above steps but after the lighter fluid dried up it was still sticky. Then I realized the X/M was set to M. Setting it X took care of the problem and probably was all I needed to do.
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Jones_Industries says:

...and this is what it looks like on the inside.


This is actually a 105mm lens, but you say your 80mm is from a C3 which means it will be the chrome type and as such will be identical to this.
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fenderslash says:

The tips you have received so far are really good, but there's one other thing to check, especially if you know that the lens has taken a knock. The shutter cocking lever was sticking on one of my "new" lenses once, and the reason was as simple as the lever being very slightly bent forwards. It was dragging on the shutter speed ring next to it, which is what was causing it to stick. After some careful pressure in the opposite direction it was as good as new.
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bullseyephoto says:

@fenderslash: I had the exact same thing happen to my 180mm lens. must have been bent while travelling. took me hours to work out what it was too.
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Skye Nott says:

Thanks for the tips, I got some eBay lenses that need a little love before being used
103 months ago (permalink)

I am Leicamoron [deleted] says:

@Jones_Industries remarked about checking the X/M flash switch.

I believe the reason people notice the shutter 'sticking' on M is related to the flash synchronisation:

When using electronic (Xenon bulbs - hence the 'X') flash, the shutter trips open as normal since the electronic flash is very quick.

When using 'manual flash' - M - with those traditional blue, metal wool-filled bulbs, the shutter must delay opening until the flash output of the bulb reaches maximum brightness (something in the order of 5-20milliseconds = 1/200th to 1/50th sec delay).

This delay may be faulty when set to the M position, causing a problem.... worth ruling out when investigating these problems.
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mymamiya1 says:

Most of these lenses just need a cleaning. Spin the front element group off and take the big nut off underneath. Clean with lighter fluid.
103 months ago (permalink)

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