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hobotariy.org.ua 7:10pm, 9 May 2010
Hi all!

Please post your blog, or etsy shop or web site page here! I would love to be able to check out other people's pages

Winged giraffe in tram

My site: www.hobotariy.org.ua

My lj: www.lia-hantenbein.livejournal.com

My Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Hobotariy/115188731844186

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Essency Design 8 years ago
My site: www.aravist.com

Thank you!
ham_and_eggs 8 years ago
Dolls for Friends PRO 8 years ago
Mrsuperpants PRO 8 years ago
Mine is www.superpants.net

Bram Moolenaar 8 years ago
tgtsfkncld PRO 8 years ago
Liddy B. Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Liddy B. (member) 8 years ago
hobby-ir Posted 8 years ago. Edited by hobby-ir (member) 8 years ago
Trish Ginter Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Trish Ginter (member) 8 years ago
My Site: http://www.smashingdarling.com/site/index
Thank you for asking :)
Madox.net 8 years ago
knittergirl01 8 years ago
eelewis 8 years ago
ljlh*designs 8 years ago
dingogirl66 7 years ago
Justin Ryon 7 years ago
I mainly sell kalimbas
Yoroo Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Yoroo (member) 7 years ago

MY ETSY : www.etsy.com/shop/rurustyle

My shop is divided into two parts, one to sell tin toy robots and interesting thing, also will sell some of my handmade jewelry. Hope that you can enjoy.
iowacattails Posted 7 years ago. Edited by iowacattails (member) 7 years ago
DoNight 7 years ago
We find that weekly project nights work really well!

Mark Oliver Adams 7 years ago
robives PRO 7 years ago
My site: www.robives.com
Downloadable animated paper models to cut out and make.

Stacie Stacie Stacie 7 years ago

I am trying to get more camera hacks on my blog! Anyone have any ideas where some GREAT blogs are?

KitschDesigns PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by KitschDesigns (member) 7 years ago
isewcute PRO 7 years ago
For wicked cute resin jewelry and hand embroidery patterns:

For elegant jewelry made with real four leaf clovers:

I blog here:

I wish I knew of some blogs for you Stacie... If I hear of any ...will let you know.

Trish... I love the mergirl dress in your shop... all the clothing is lovely actually! Do you sell on etsy too?

Robives... cool stuff!

Knittergirl01 ...not what I expected...but I love it! Your shop has something for everyone! (hearted ya)

ljlh ...lovely jewelry! A girl can't get enough!

Mark Oliver Adams... I'm in awe of your lightboxt chalkboard table!!! That is genius!

Yoroo ...love your shop! It's pure eye candy & I'm in love with your tin toys.
Samuel Dale Barton [deleted] 7 years ago
Heres my url:


Ann Arbor Free Skool 7 years ago

The purpose of the Ann Arbor Free Skool is to provide free, accessible and inclusive classes, workshops and events that promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge, alternatives to consumerism & capitalism, empowerment and community through teaching, learning and self-sufficiency.

We hold DIY Fests every month and a half or so and have 12 (or more skillshares), we have skillshares involving making dolls to building bikes.
HerArtSheLoves 7 years ago

One-of-a-kind handmade Robot Sculptures, mixed media polymer clay and coiled wire.

Noa Sharon Designs PRO 7 years ago
14K Gold and 925 Silver Alloys - Hammered Bear Claw Earrings by Noa Sharon Designs

Hey !

I Make Art and Designs with Metal!


belvidesigns 7 years ago
nishasupahan 7 years ago
Awesome! My shop is a collective of Native American Artists (Jewelry, Art, Clothing):


Pete Prodoehl PRO 7 years ago
RasterWeb! various hackery and makery bits here and there...

The Spotless Loop 7 years ago

I make wooden embroidered jewelry!

My shop : www.thespotlessloop.etsy.com

My blog: www.thespotlessloop.com
johnnyvintage Posted 7 years ago. Edited by johnnyvintage (member) 7 years ago
ukdiveboy 7 years ago
Here's a link to my little projects: sagar.org/workbench/

Most recently "completed"(*) project is my Automatic Frog Feeder sagar.org/workbench/frogfeeder/index.html

At the moment I'm trying to figure out what to do with an Arduino, ethershield and video-game shield.


[*] I say "completed", let's face it, when are these things _EVER_ really completed :)
AP Digital light 7 years ago

DIY electronic projects for fun.
CyberCraft Robots 7 years ago
Gabriela Delworth [deleted] 7 years ago
Hello everyone,

My blog is here:

My website is here:

~ Gabriela ~
playful.geometer 7 years ago
cosmic-spacecrafts.blogspot.com, thanks for the invitation :)
sailindaze 7 years ago
Lenny&Meriel PRO 7 years ago
Lenny's blog - have fun!
kallimeisler 7 years ago
olliepalmer.com 7 years ago

website www.olliepalmer.com
blog blog.olliepalmer.com
morgan46324 7 years ago
Purses, headbands and other girly stuff.
Giveaways free stuff, recipes and more on my blog.

Etsy shop

Oh, Dear Molly Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Oh, Dear Molly (member) 7 years ago
NickJonesMedia 7 years ago
Anatomically Incorrect Creatures [deleted] 7 years ago
Handmade faux taxidermy and humorous plush home decor:

Etsy: www.aicreatures.etsy.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aicreatures

Blog: www.aicreatures.com
scottgibson 7 years ago
My random electronics and mechanical projects:
StoneLeaf 7 years ago
my DIY/creative/miscellanea projects...
~ Lumi ~ PRO 7 years ago
My Shop and my robot projects:
Sorry, German only ;-)
artdi63 7 years ago
A 21 DAY PLAN TO TURN PAIN TO BLESSING, by the author of "Blessed with Bipolar."
ResrieG 7 years ago
ingmar ahrens PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ingmar ahrens (member) 7 years ago
hallo.... my little site around cnc and laser cutted objects...


have fun....

plywood bowl
在水一芳 7 years ago
Love it, wanna know more about
led display
soft led display
flexible led curtain
led screen, thanks
kjackman 7 years ago
Sound Sculptor's Lab Notes (DIY synthesizer and audio gear):
HerArtSheLoves 7 years ago
Sblnde26 7 years ago

My newest item is a wet suit baby diaper for swimming that is reusable!

I currently make novelty home decor such as clocks from monopoly board or original nintendo games. Coasters, pillows, etc
SPOONTANEOUS 7 years ago
Prepare to be mooned..... uh, I mean.... SPOONED!
s-s-s-spoon by SPOONTANEOUS

playful.geometer Posted 6 years ago. Edited by playful.geometer (member) 6 years ago
You can check out the full collection of illuminated, fractally-decorated polyhedral sculptures here: cosmic-spacecrafts.net. Feedback encouraged !
Anastàssia PRO 6 years ago
Maprlo 6 years ago

We're building the Pizza Planet Truck click here for more info.

tetsu-jp * photostream closed [deleted] 6 years ago
Do you know my small Windows 2003 website is experiencing hammering by spammers from Russia and Germany?

Hammering means to send many nonsense HTML requests one second after the other. This results in hudge log files each month.

The service provider does not give an option to block IP myself.

So I changed to LINUX webhosting for the time being (Cent OS), not that I am a big fan of it, but it can block IP quickly.

I had it in mind for maybe six months (there are obscene referer URLs for more than one year).

But now I have made the step and have moved over my web pages.

Just to let you know, the spammers are out there.

Here some of my websites and blogs:

ycprojects.wordpress.com (I hope for updates soon)
hitechworld.org (technology wiki)
pic.hitechworld.org (information about PIC microcontrollers)

outdoor.geocities.jp/astroboy2811 (yes geocities is still around over there)
jason.gullickson 6 years ago
Jamie has a number of cute and geeky needle felted folks here:

MosaicYourself 6 years ago
My electronics blog

Hacking Electronics
arno_brosi 6 years ago
onislandtime 6 years ago
I love felting!

My Etsy Shop

For handmade felted cards, bowls, jewelry and more.
I use traditional wet-felting techniques.
Nigel Mckenzie 6 years ago
My 3D Printer blog:


RAMPS Enclosure for RepRap
dragonflyducky 6 years ago
My etsy shop: chimera.etsy.com
cthorg 6 years ago
A blog about the stuff I make.


- Chris
helen limbrick 6 years ago
A new blog for a new year : www.helenlimbrick.com
Will soon be crammed full of recipes, patterns and tutorials plus all the pretty goodness in between :) Hope to see you there! Hx
cutlasercut.com 6 years ago
A blog all about creative laser cutting and engraving projects from our clients, enjoy! cutlasercut.tumblr.com/

Also come and see at Cut Laser Cut
J.Morganized [deleted] 6 years ago
This list is incredible!
My modest contribution: www.etsy.com/shop/JOMOtech
brandonjohnfischer 6 years ago
Take a look at my etsy shop at:
Thanks for looking
metalmindcircuits 6 years ago
Here is what we've been working on. Thanks for checking it out!

Wiring up Taurus II by metalmindcircuits

Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/MetalMindCircuits
Blog: metalmindcircuits.com/
takao21203 6 years ago
web shop now open, have a look: pic.hitechworld.org/webshop

This is for small electronic parts, PIC micro/Arduino, hobby/education- all welcome!

This is not a factory outlet, franchise or commercial shop that I maintain to make a living.

You will however find some good offers, and shipping to UK/Europe is fast.
charles_mangin 6 years ago

I'm raising money for my open source hardware project on Kickstarter:
a pressure sensitive iPad stylus.

I'd love to sell it in the Maker Shed when it's done.
thorssoli PRO 6 years ago
My Combat Garden Gnomes and the like: etsy.com/shop/thorssoli

My blog with all of my prop, costume, and boat repair projects as well as travels, random musings, and occasionally interesting pictures: protagonist4hire.blogspot.com

Both worth looking into in my opinion...
edlimphoto 6 years ago
Zodiac Medallion, Part III by edlimphoto

Here is my project making a ceiling medallion out of zodiac figures.

Hope And Grace Pens 6 years ago
Critique my store! Would LOVE some constructive criticism! www.etsy.com/shop/HopeAndGracePens
United in Christ by Hope And Grace Pens
HerArtSheLoves Posted 6 years ago. Edited by HerArtSheLoves (member) 6 years ago
Handmade robot sculptures by me!

Took part in my first Maker in May: Photo goodness

eikimartinson 6 years ago
My blog and personal website, containing projects and artwork I've worked on:

Hope you like it!
Sascha Grant PRO 6 years ago
Wow, some great blogs here!
Here's mine - www.ibuildrockets.com/
And yes, I build rockets!
oldrobotmark 6 years ago
puzzlerhan [deleted] 6 years ago
mine is a mechanical puzzle blog with a lot of DIY projects

bleep_io [deleted] 5 years ago
Some really cool blogs on here!!

My blog is www.myredhotcar.co.uk - all about making and hacking music.

Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions!!

menteblu61 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by menteblu61 (member) 5 years ago

Wireless (Bluetooth) Remote Shooter project with Time Lapse and settings (Aperture, Speed, ISO etc) joint to an Android smartphone


Remote Shooter BT, app on Android

Annabelle Baskets 5 years ago
Lovin' this thread.

Blog: handmadebyannabelle.blogspot.com
Rifle Creek Studio PRO 5 years ago
ham_and_eggs 5 years ago
lungstruck 5 years ago
My page where I post details on my electronics projects:


Only a couple projects right now, but it grows as I build more stuff!
takao21203 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by takao21203 (member) 5 years ago
mjkzz (a.k.a zwdeal) 5 years ago
eikimartinson 5 years ago
My personal site, with some blogging and engineering projects that may be of interest: eikimartinson.com/
Hope you enjoy it.
Bens Lens 5 years ago
My clean transportation blog is: 300mpg.org/
DIY Electric Cars and more.
nattyknitsclare PRO 5 years ago
My etsy shop sell knitting patterns:


But you'll find free knitting patterns, hints and tips and an obsession with socks on the Nattyknitter's blog:

Markco65 5 years ago
I have an blog about trucks Check it and rate it if you like to and tell me what would you like to read on it
alexfisher477 5 years ago
i work in "scale" industry so i want to make/write something about Force Testing Devices - i think that etsy may be good.
porcupine stew 4 years ago
My blog is all about the crafty stuff I make. Mostly embroidery :)
Burhan Saifullah 4 years ago
My mechanical handicrafts blog.
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