Goldfield_Arts 6:38am, 25 January 2013
Hi Everyone!

We’d like to collect all of the pieces in one location to stay open to the possibility of later publishing the works with artist consent & credits in either book form, magazine editorial, or possibly to show them together in a gallery setting. Depending on the response, the sky is the limit on how the works can be shown as a collaborative body of work.

Our goal with this project is to help other artists get their work seen, while also connecting with other creatives through this group on flickr.

We received a question from a flickr member regarding joining this group, requesting mail art exchanges between our members. We love outside input, and do think this is a fun idea, if there is interest in making further works for trades please discuss here in this thread.

I’ve created a special tumblr account, where we will also solely post submissions from this project, as well as on the goldfieldarts blog

Thanks again for joining the collaborative, we’re looking forward to seeing how this project unfolds. You're all amazing artists!

Ready, Set... Create!

~Kathleen & Oliver
Groups Beta