Zenthony 3:19pm, 2 April 2019
April Contest at is open to all brands and colors of 5mm magnets!

The April 2019 contest is an impressionism contest to create a non-fictional passenger vehicle out of 5mm magnet spheres. You do not have to use Zen Magnets, so throw some color into your impressionist build if you like. You choose the vehicle, be it Tesla Semi, a Ford F-150, a Toyota Camry, or whatever truck or SUV. Base it off of something that actually exists on the roads or as a prototype. Then photograph it beautifully.

Summary of requirements:

+ Must be constructed entirely of 5mm magnet spheres
+ No limit to number of magnets used
+ 1 submission per person
+ No collages or photo-manipulation beyond basic color levels and contrast.
+ Deadline: 4/30/2019

See the full post and submit here:
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