damocs 2:57pm, 11 June 2013
What are people's thoughts on agreeing on a limit to the number of similar photos of the same work?
I recently felt a bit guilty for posting four pictures of the same piece, justifying it to myself because the views from different angles were very different, which seemed quite interesting.
It seems like some some people are posting a lot of very similar photos of the same piece though, and kind of swamping the commons.
What about a limit of two photos per item, unless there is some reason for more (like novel-looking angles, etc). People can always click through to find more photos on personal pages.
tend2it 8 years ago
I think it is OK to post several angles of the same creation ... since there may different aspects or details that may need to be seen. Also, there may be other creative means since this is also a photography group. Maybe limit it to 4-6 per creation. Think of a cube with 6 side variations ... or details.

An alternate may be to add additional pic views as responses to the postings like EraZorX does.
mastervolume11 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by mastervolume11 (member) 8 years ago
Or maybe the Thumbnails need to be smaller. So if someone posts 6 new photos, they aren't the only ones you see at first.

I do see where you are coming from. And I agree when I see 10 new pictures of one build that swamp the whole first visible page of the gallery, it seems like a little overkill. That is, until it's my turn to put up 10 new pictures, then it doesn't bother me so much :-)
mastervolume11 7 years ago
At first, I didn't think too much about this. But now, I totally agree. Not only are we seeing 10 new photos of a single build, but we are seeing 10 new of a single build in one color, Plus 10 new of the same build in a second color, plus 10 new of the same build in a 3rd color, etc. etc. It doesn't matter how many different colors you use, it's the same thing. Then once you start adding 3D into the situation, we start to see 40 different pics and angles of the same exact build in multiple colors, when 2-3 photos would more than make the point.

I don't know that anything can or should be done. But, my interest in coming here to see new builds is definitely waning .
waynehjr1 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by waynehjr1 (member) 7 years ago
I tend to add multiple views of some of my creations along with the 3D version for those who enjoy 3D images.

Since I'm basically the main source for 3D image posting - Mastervolume- must be referring to me <.<.. PLEASE point out any area where I have 40 views of any one creation. Even 10 is the most I've ever posted of the same image which is 5 non 3D & 5 3D. If you are seeing 40 or even more than 10 re-look at the images because they are not of the same image/creation/

Also try to remember that with this new version of Flickr, if you close out the image view it will take you to the Photostream of the person who's creation you've just viewed and not back to the gallery you started out in. If you end up in my photostream then yes you will see many of the same creation, because I have no control over sorting out my uploads in photostream view, only in the sets I create.

Also in my case, anyways, there's a big difference between multiple colors and using only Zen in one and color in That is not multiple colors, that's one without any color and one with color...xD :-)

From time to time I've tried placing either just the 3D version with a link to the non 3D version or visa versa. I think it depends on who is on when to view them because when I post both version together, this gives me an idea which version is mostly viewed to better know which version I should post and which version I should link . Well this varies times I only have people viewing the 3D versions & not the non 3D ones so I submit the 3D linking the Non 3D.

Sometimes I'll slip up and post both versions again and this time most are viewing the non 3D over the So far overall the 3D versions are being viewed more than the non 3D, at least for my submissions. I have made a conscious attempt to only submit up to 4 different views of any one object. This also makes for 8 images if 3D is used also. or the most part if I do submit both versions (3D & Non 3D) I try to keep it to only 3 views. Occasionally , I do submit more, and sometimes by accident, because I actually choose the ones I submit during the upload process. So occasionally I may accidentally post all views, but in those cases I go back and remove the ones posted

One thing now with only posting one version, either 3D or Non 3D, with this new platform Flickr has, most will not see that there is a link to a different version anymore unless they click on the option to view the comments. This means if I post only a Non 3D image, most may not know that I also have made a 3D image for those who prefer 3D or visa versa. The old format at least displayed the comments to enable people to know another version is also :-)

Also, I try to make sure if posting multiple views to attempt to make sure there is a significant different in the views posted and not just slight differences from one to another.
Cheesus93 7 years ago

I don't think he's talking about you, Wayne. I think he's referring to ShenzeKing who posts a single cube of one color and six shot of it, then another just a different color and six more exactly the same shots, then another color, and another. Till the front page is literally 40 photos of the same just different colors, its kind of annoying (to me). If you go back a few weeks you'll see just a whole 40 photos of the same. freaking. photos. You're ok, no worries man. :)
tend2it 7 years ago
Cheesus93: FYI ... I sent a flickrmail to ShenzeKing explaining some discussions here as well as a link to this topic.
damocs 7 years ago
This idea of posting a large number of photos to see which one people like the best is called 'the infinite number of monkeys school of photography'. I do it myself, when taking photos, but not when posting them, and certainly not when submitting them to a group. People know they can find more photos of your work by clicking through.
waynehjr1 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by waynehjr1 (member) 7 years ago

If you are referring to me, It's not the point of posting large number of images to see which one s people like best. It's posting Non 3D as compared to 3D versions, there's a difference.
damocs 7 years ago

seems quite reasonable to me :-) btw,I love your photos, and I'm only saying people should think about the issue, and then do as they see fit. That's what I do.
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