pavanmanoj.jonnalagadda 8:32am, 21 May 2015

A very big sorry!! if this is not the right forum to ask the question I am going to ask. I could have used other forum but as this page contains lot of photographers, I preferred this over others. Please direct me to correct place in case.

I am not a photographer but a signal processing guy. I am in the process of implementing the Dual-Iso in MATLAB. To test the algorithm, I need dual iso images (ISO 100 and ISO 1600/ ISO 400).

You could ask, why can't I take a few? I am very amateur doing that. And also, I am not sure as in what all settings I need to put over in camera to capture a few of them. If somebody can help me with a couple of image sets that would help me a lot in validating my code.

Thanks in advance.
Silvio Coste Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Silvio Coste (member) 6 years ago
Hi !
I have the same project. Couldn't find a way to have cr2hdr work on ubuntu so I decided to code it in matlab.

This is the files I work on :

"dyn" an horizontal gradient at 100/800, "noir" a dark frame of read noise at 100/800 and the tree others are very high dynamic photos at 100/400-800-1600.
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