Madlab Undiscovered 7:27pm, 18 August 2010
This seems to be an inspiring subject as some are already started :

Jag seems to be surprised that he is taking the auto-portrait ...

Self Portrait 2 by jag4091

... and as the matter of fact Paul too.
Self Portrait #1 by Tallscreen

Please leave comments, impressions, questions ...
jag4091 7 years ago
I'd just woken up, hence the confused look.
Madlab Undiscovered 7 years ago
Article about attractiveness of self-portraits according to different parameters ... data collected from the dating sites photos (thanks Graham) :
Tallscreen 6 years ago
I didn't want to submit Photoshopped pictures to the group, but you might like this self-portrait I did a few years back...
Head In Box by Tallscreen
hwayoungjung Posted 6 years ago. Edited by hwayoungjung (member) 6 years ago
In the same vein, I did this photoshoppery awhile back, but I'll do a new one for the group meet.
me myself & I by hwayoungjung
Madlab Undiscovered 6 years ago
Work in progress :


Glimpse by TechnicalFault (formerly Coffee Lover)


olly_self_portrait by Madlab Undiscovered

meta mobile by hwayoungjung
hwayoungjung Posted 6 years ago. Edited by hwayoungjung (member) 6 years ago
This is my entry for this month's meet.
People on People by hwayoungjung

I tried to get away from a reflection self portrait shot, I really wanted to do a staged version, because it's really an opportunity to cultivate a persona for yourself. But I went to the Recorders exhibition (Rafael Lozano-Hemmer) this week, and thought the work had some nice ideas that made me think about thinking too much about ME.
Madlab Undiscovered 6 years ago
Great shot even if I am still not sure what was the set.
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