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Emile Victor 10:52pm, 13 June 2007
It's a great place to start practising one's focus, etc - what are the best methods for eye macro photography? Flashes are useless unless used at the right angle.

I would suggest a diffuser box if you have one, or simply diffused light cast at an angle on the subject that will prevent glare.

Don't do it wrong or it'll turn out with a reflection of the entire room like my one here:

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Eye macro is so rewarding. I did some last week.

Eye (Mono)

Eye (Colour)

James's Eye
boulderbelayer 10 years ago
here's what "eye" think about it

my eye
MoshChick 10 years ago

Do kitties count? I think they are harder to shoot than people!

And Geckos!
Lee251073 10 years ago
Used a flash with this one and it turned out ok.

purple eye
Leoa's  Photography 10 years ago
My eyeball
Roger Smith 10 years ago
How about largemouth bass?

Somebody's Watching You

or tiny little toads?

Keeping an eye on things
Virion 10 years ago
Cat eyes!
Eye of the (?)tiger

Tasslehoff Burrfoot 10 years ago
look who's in there :) (retouched)
Emile Victor 10 years ago
Holy... Tasslehoff, how did you take a macro shot like that from that distance?
Diego Epstein 10 years ago
sypix 10 years ago
Spectacled Owl Close-up
ptiteouch 10 years ago
eye eye4
Tasslehoff Burrfoot 10 years ago
emilevector, it's not me.. reflection of some people who's shooting redbull air race :)

that's how i took this picture
Kutza 10 years ago
Eye Of The Beholder
Robert Seber PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Robert Seber (member) 10 years ago
If you want to minimise reflections the best solution is to prevent things in-front of the eye being brightly lit. Diffusing the flash can make this worse.
Shamim Ahmed Photos 9 years ago
wow stunning pics.
newt 383 PRO 9 years ago
Funny, the mix of animal- and human eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul? Here you have direct looks.....
Bill Selak 9 years ago
Eye like this thread.
Eye eye captain
jonbradbury Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jonbradbury (member) 9 years ago
Thought I'd chip in with one of my own
Watching you
shot using a ring flash so it isn't anywhere near as harsh on your eyes.
Barry Wallis 9 years ago
A cat outdoors has its own challenges:

Cat's Eye
Dreemreeper 9 years ago
photostar58 9 years ago
Nikon D70 - Micro Nikkor 105mm f/4 - Flash Nikon SB 600.

Alice's eye

All Glass Photo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by All Glass Photo (member) 9 years ago
Nikon D50
Nikkor Micro 105mm f/2.8D

Baby Blue Redux
Kyle May [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Kyle May (member) 9 years ago
Nikon D50 IR, Tokina 10-17 - was a pain in the ass to focus.

Justin Goode 9 years ago
Rabinito 9 years ago
With a Sony P&S
jmhoying 9 years ago
My wife posed for this one. Here's an extreme crop (upside down)

And the original (she was lying on the ground with the tripod above her) SB800 bounced off of ceiling, left and right.

Fort Loramie, Ohio
I love eyes. Beautiful, detailed and everyone's is so different/unique.

E510 zd35mm -my eye
steven.morrison 9 years ago
jonbradbury Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jonbradbury (member) 9 years ago
"Catchlight" by jonbradbury [?]
"Looking up" by jonbradbury [?]
Looking up
danlewry PRO 9 years ago
erin leigh mcconnell PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by erin leigh mcconnell (member) 9 years ago
project 365: day 103

my eye on you

my favorite shade of blue

because the sky is blue
I LIKE IT SIMPLE PRO 9 years ago
Metalchrome 9 years ago
Birth II Split In Half

With a bit of editing, the flash was quite painfull !

Keren G 9 years ago
Point of View
jorgeasbel 9 years ago
Mas que una mirada, una vision
Inga Sig. 9 years ago
Mirror eyes
**Mary** PRO 9 years ago
Mirror to the soul ~
McCasa Photography 9 years ago
thiagossrs [deleted] 9 years ago
Olho / Eye
omalingue PRO 9 years ago
Night Watch
foryoutoknowtice 9 years ago

reverse lens macro
Olán Fotografía 9 years ago
Requiem for a dream II
Justin Goode 9 years ago

Nikon N80, Kodak Tri-X 400, iso@800, Nikon 24120mmf3556gvr + extension tubes. Developed in Diafine.
jammatron 9 years ago
Sofibird ~ 9 years ago
ktelqueen 9 years ago
green eye
Nick Creevy 9 years ago
it's so hard to manually focus on the human eye to get the right shot, I keep getting the focus on my eye lash lol..
My Eye
Rain Forest Man 9 years ago
eye shot closeup of perice
another planet : ) PRO 9 years ago
anaphylactic ouch!
..george 9 years ago
theres no way i can better that one above but...
auto macro mode no flash
worldchampscwsox 9 years ago
Eye Love U
vsboyy 9 years ago
My Eyes and their problems
These are shots from inside my eyes .. notice the yellow specks .. they are right in the middle of where I see .. the spots are blood leaking and causeing loss in my site .. I have had laser treatments in both eyes (right being the worst) the bottom are my left eye .. shot in infered ..

with the treatments I hope to let my sight last but they will never be what they were before.. (the spots showed up in less than 3 months from my last eye exam )

They call this Diabetic Retinopathy and it is what causes most diabetics to go blind ..

thought some might like to see what can happen
Martín-O 9 years ago
the eye
COLLI|LOVER 9 years ago
foryoutoknowtice 9 years ago
ashley rose, 9 years ago
view it large,
i think it's gross (:
my eye
Federica Panniello 9 years ago
Colored Version =)
fakeyouth 9 years ago

don't worry, i can still see you
lisa kimberly PRO 9 years ago
reptile eye?
Lost in the moment. 9 years ago

Eli the Bearded 9 years ago
light in my eye
no_onions PRO 9 years ago
A Reflection of Myself
Michelle in NY PRO 9 years ago
Eye On You
The Sprain 9 years ago
Eye of a Turtle
The Sprain 9 years ago
Leaf Fish
LaurenHolloway 9 years ago
My first attempts! They were pretty quick, as I have finals coming up and I need to focus more on studying.. But I liked them (:

Attempt (2)
OldUncleMe PRO 9 years ago
Trans-Pecos Ratsnake
randi_yeates 9 years ago
Beyond Thier Years
lotusstone Posted 9 years ago. Edited by lotusstone (member) 9 years ago
~*Sara*~ 9 years ago
someone is always watching you...
estenotopo 9 years ago
very interesting thread and wonderful shots!
Here is mine and yes, I agree with Kyle May
it was a pain to focus it.

Sergio Battaglia 9 years ago
Eye of cat
Ryan Hagen 9 years ago

@warwithmyself 9 years ago

No flash, window light.
jkingone 9 years ago
Not even close to what I wanted.. I definitely need some practice.

Road Map
Four Symbols 9 years ago
Lots of excellent photos everybody! It's a very hard subject to photograph.

76/365- The Human Eye (by Four Symbols)
..bG* 9 years ago
omeara.tim 9 years ago
i couldn't get the hot spot all that way off the iris, but i like the depth.
amykins1111 9 years ago
Window to the soul
saturn ♄ 9 years ago
estenotopo 9 years ago
Dragonfly's composed eye.

libélula / dragonfly
dasu_ 9 years ago
Stroppy Girl 8 years ago
 by Stroppy Girl
daniel.janca 8 years ago
I dont have macro lenses but I was trying to do my best!
Both of Us
Elad V. PRO 7 years ago
Is anyone still watching this thread?

Here is a shot I took a few weeks ago:

Human Eye - Extreme Macro by Elad V.
VVV84 7 years ago
My contribution. :)

Lee251073 7 years ago
AM eye

Juniors eye
Stephen Begin 7 years ago
I sometimes point my rig at human eyes, but have yet to get a picture that is as sharp as I know my camera is capable of. I suspect that perhaps the aqueous humour refracts some of the light, and this becomes a limiting factor as magnification increases.

Eye don't know... by Stephen Begin

You can look, but don't touch by Stephen Begin
nleighm 7 years ago
Beautiful art that I made : ) my son Sages' eye
nleighm 7 years ago
Holger Hill 7 years ago
She | See | Sea
Nicolò Paternoster 7 years ago
Ice eye
©Delos Johnson PRO 7 years ago
A Photographer's Eye
m-san_Ceará 7 years ago
my first and only eye-macro


EOS 30D, EF 100mm 2.8 Macro USM, EX430 with selfmadecardboardsoftbox on camera left

My Eyes and their problems

INSIDE MY EYES .. I have to have laser surgery every year or so to have some problems fixed .. this was taken over a year ago .. it's time to go back for another round ..
(noou) 6 years ago
using a cheap and poor quality close-up lens mounted on a 200mm lens:
eye close-up study
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