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Welcome to Macro

A group for macro lovers & enthusiast. Look around you, there’s so much to photograph up close, way closer.

Stay safe and healthy!

Please read the group description before posting content, thanks!


  • STICKY  Macro.... no bugs or flowers!

    *DISCLAIMER - if that type of photography makes you happy, then disregard the vi...

    Great Beyond3 days ago152 replies

  • STICKY  The Bug List Challenge!

    The Bug List Challenge! Share some macro pictures of your most intriguing and b...

    mikerofoto4 days ago1 replies

  • STICKY  Say Hello! / Member introduction

    Welcome to the Macro Group, if you’d like to say Hi and introduce yourself, th...

    mikerofoto2 weeks ago21 replies

  • STICKY  Post your dew drop macro

    Please post a small version of your dew drop macro here. Let me start it! ...

    mj.fotoages ago55 replies

  • Thanks

    Thanks for choosing my Jumping Spider photo for the banner. Cheers, Patric...

    patrickkavanagh3 weeks ago1 replies

  • NiSi Close Up Lens

    Anyone here with experience using the Nisi 58mm Close-Up Lens?

    Mceek22 months ago1 replies

  • 2020 photomicrography competition

    Nikon small world 2020 photomicrography top 20 announced, you can resd more here...

    mikerofoto3 months ago0 replies

  • Bug of the Month Theme: Beetle / Scarab

    The Bug of the Month Theme! September 1st to September30 Beetle / Scarab Share ...

    mikerofoto4 months ago2 replies

  • Thank you

    Thanks for the invite to add my photo.

    Yosri Al-Kishawi5 months ago0 replies

  • Bug of the Month Theme: Bee

    The Bug of the Month Theme! August 1 to August 31 Bee Share some of your b...

    mikerofoto5 months ago9 replies

  • Bug of the Month Theme: Grasshopper

    The Bug of the Month Theme! July 1st to July 31 Grasshopper Post some of yo...

    mikerofoto6 months ago12 replies

  • Bug of the Month Theme: Mosquito

    The Bug of the Month Theme June 1 to June 30 Mosquito Post some of your be...

    mikerofoto7 months ago3 replies

  • Invitation

    Thank you for the invitation to this well established group for Macro photograph...

    Orland Park Birdie Girl7 months ago0 replies

  • Good middle size camera for eyes fotography

    Hello there, my dog's veterinary need to take detailed pictures of his patient's...

    Guillermo Castaño8 months ago1 replies

  • Focus stacking advice needed

    I've been researching software to use for focus stacking; I'd also like to have ...

    Mceek210 months ago1 replies

  • Canon 6d macro lense

    Hi guys just got myself a Canon 6d and I'm looking for a good macro lense withou...

    liam.ohara6926 months ago3 replies

  • Help - Christmas Present for Dad

    My dad is awesome! In the last couple of years he's really got into Photography;...

    iLalena38 months ago2 replies

  • Reverse mounting on canon 50mm f1.8

    Does any one have any information about reverse mounting of canon 50mm f1.8 for ...

    soham's43 months ago11 replies

  • cheap macro lens?

    i recently bought a nikon d3100, all I have at the moment is the 18-55mm kit len...

    matt760.45 months ago10 replies

  • DOF... 24 megapixel on crop vs 24 megapixel on FF

    Question for those of you who understand the maths behind macro... My main body ...

    ZZXXLL54 months ago12 replies

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