msims85 8:06pm, 2 March 2012
First of all, I love Macros. It is my favorite type of photography. My problem is many of my photos leave much to be desired. I either don't have the main subject in focus corectly, or sometimes I want more in focus than what is taken. I have a sony and usually pur it on auto. I have an old minolta lens, and have resorted to using manual focus 100% of the time.

I know I need to play with the DOF, but sometimes no matter how much I try I can't get it right.

I would love tips from any and all of the tremendously artistic folks I see in this group every day...also if any of you could look at my pics and give the macros I have taken a 100% honest critique on how I can improve them.

Thanks so much.
gred. 6 years ago
Hello Mike, I'm not an expert on macro photography technique so I can not really help .... I saw your picture and in fact the focus leaves much to be desired ... I always use auto focus for overcome problems of view, (I am nearsighted) and because it is more accurate ...
I's also very important the careful choice of composition and use of a good light, discreet but effective
what I can recommend is to have a good macro lens, there are many ranging from 50mm f2 / 8 and up, use the maximum aperture to have a good background blur and use a selective focus at one point only.
I suggest you also look at the exif information of the macro that you like so you can see some interesting data.
I hope someone more knowledgeable than I can reply and correct my inaccuracies.
I apologize for my bad English!
I wish you good pictures anyway!
msims85 6 years ago
Ouch, I didn't think it was that bad...but thank you for the honesty. the truth hurts.
I bought a used Macro lens, so I really don't know how use it other than trying to focus (which, as you say, leaves much to be desired).
Maybe I shouldn't have spent the extra money on a dslr.

I guess if I ask for advice...I need to be open to it.
RaymondUK PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by RaymondUK (member) 6 years ago
Hi Mike, have checked out your close up shots, your problem, is that you using camera on auto, camera is doing your thinking for you and trying to compromise. Its choosing large aperture and in some cases high shutter speeds. You will get better results by moving from auto to aperture priority, try using F5.6, F8 and F11, also make a choice of where you focus, also a tripod would be useful, also remember depth of field extends in front of you focus point as well, as rear of it, try using depth of field button to see result before you take the shot. Hope this helps, also do a experimental test and make notes, regards Ray. If I can do this with a smaller camera than you, you should be able to do same or better
Ladybird by RaymondUK
msims85 6 years ago
Thank you Ray. I appreciate your help.
edwin.cosalan Posted 6 years ago. Edited by edwin.cosalan (member) 6 years ago
HI misms85. went over your shots and their exif. I think you have a problem with camera shake. those with "poor focus" were taken with a speeds of 1/60 and slower. the reasonably sharp ones were taken with speeds of 1/200 and higher.
for macros hand held,and specially highly mobile insects, I suggest you use a flash with diffuser to achieve high speeds in low light conditions. for non mobile objects like flowers, you can always use a tripod.
for high magnification shots at 1:1 or higher, use manual focus if hand held using the "rock and lock" method.
Hope this helps.
msims85 6 years ago
Thank you very much. I appreciate your help...I will try those.

Have a great day.
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