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lots of pictures without proper invites

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cdallacosta says:

all these found just in the first page right now

5:12AM, 18 January 2009 PDT (permalink)

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Kathy~ says:

Ok will take care of them, thanks...

we have a pool sweeper that will remove them when it is ran.. so we will catch them
105 months ago (permalink)

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Jadydangel says:


104 months ago (permalink)

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Serge Bouvet says:

Originally posted 104 months ago. (permalink)
Serge Bouvet edited this topic 104 months ago.

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Ideaholic says:

Does not belong here: www.flickr.com/photos/29138136@N08/3274325117/in/pool-lun...
103 months ago (permalink)

Cierra Tus Ojos y Acompañame a la Luna [deleted] says:

101 months ago (permalink)

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Simon.Stickel says:

Just ban the people that are posting them. Simple.
100 months ago (permalink)

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Bull Rider says:

More of the same: 4 photos on the first page on July 31 without an invite from kurt abel2000.

Originally posted 98 months ago. (permalink)
Bull Rider edited this topic 98 months ago.

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mark willocks says:

5 photos in a row on the front page without invite by Gurat Mokhan. Why am I having trouble believing they are his? - not a word of description about a huge batch uploaded at once and an enormous list of mostly inappropriate tags. I could be wrong ...
Originally posted 98 months ago. (permalink)
mark willocks edited this topic 98 months ago.

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Cisco photostream says:

Opera House (cokin gratuated tabacco 2)
Sydney (polarizer and cokin filter, no mod)

97 months ago (permalink)

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New Yorkled says:

You folks should really consider putting a link to Lunar Village in the Global Village Group which is more evident than just the discussion area. Plenty of other groups don't require one to put their image in a queue after receiving the necessary number of awards..thus the reason for folks missing out on your unique rule.
97 months ago (permalink)

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Ameed El-Ghoul says:

Whats behind the paint?!
97 months ago (permalink)

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densc says:

96 months ago (permalink)

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