mrsawyer111 6:41pm, 24 August 2016
Here is a photo challenge primarily for Panasonic users, but the entry deadline is tomorrow.

Panachallenge *#175 Leading Lines* is open for one more day.
"For this Challenge, focus your efforts on a well-established compositional technique - using linear elements to direct the viewer's eye in the image. The lines might be obvious or subtle; straight, curved or irregular; natural or man-made. They might point to the main subject, or they could guide the viewer on a path through the scene. You'll find a wide variety of examples at Internet resources like those below, or search "Leading Lines" for a great many more:
Now let's go line up our own examples to show how this technique can make our shots more intriguing! (The winner of the Open Category will get to choose a subsequent theme.).

Note: This challenge, we are still experimenting with delaying the displaying of the post-processing info until after the voting is over. So, be sure to disclose all the techniques and processes you used that may help members understand how you crafted your photo. Describe any special in-camera settings you used.
In the extra info section, along with the usual info, let us know if your image consists of multiple exposures."

Entry period: Thu 28 Jul through Thu 25 Aug 23:59:59 UTC
Voting: Fri 26 Aug through Mon 29 Aug 23:59:59 UTC

You may submit entries taken with a Panasonic Lumix (and their Leica cousins) digital camera to the main category, and/or you may submit entries taken with any digital camera to the open category. The theme applies to both categories.

Your photo for either category *must be taken during the entry period*, starting Thu 28 Jul.

For more info, go to
mrsawyer111 2 years ago
Lots of great entries. Deadline for voting is 8pm Eastern time today.
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