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The year is 2025 and Raphael Granas has grown up to be a fairly successful young movie director. With a couple of good car chase flicks to his name, he is ready to tackle something a little more extravagant, with a bigger budget and a lot more pizzazz...a Batman trilogy. While Raphy may have ideas and a vision for how these movies should turn out, no good director can do this alone. He needs competent set designers, stunt coordinators, special effects artists, costume designers, and entire team to design a brand new Batmobile. Of course, he turns to all his old friends at LUGNuts and this is where we all come in.

Welcome to the build challenge many of you were born to be a part design our very own Batmobiles! Has this been done before? Yes, plenty. The history of the Batmobile dates back to 1939 when DC was called Detective Comics. Batman was more of a sleuth than a superhero but his vehicle, not officially called the Batmobile until 1941, was an art deco marvel of engineering. Since that first vehicle, the Batmobile has been redesigned and reinvented well over 100 times, when you consider all versions of comic books, TV serials, and cartoons. And that’s not to mention movies. Lambert Hillyer directed a movie serial called “The Batman” in 1943 while in 1966 “Batman The Movie” hit the big screen in decidedly campy and humorous style. Tim Burton revitalized the Batman name in 1989 and again in 1992, then Joel Shumacher took the helm in ’95 and ’97 with a pair of uniquely flamboyant and colorful films. Starting in ’05, Christopher Nolan dialed back Shumacher’s color and over-the-top theatrics in favor of a dark, gritty and more realistic feel with his trilogy ending in 2012. A full thirteen years after Christopher Nolan has laid his iconic military inspired Bat Tumbler to rest it is time to completely reinvent the Batmobile once again.

While the characters, story lines, and especially the Batmobile are more or less already established, how they should look, when the story should take place, and what you do with it is entirely up to you. Sure you can completely plagiarize Nolan’s Tumbler, but this is your chance to redesign the Batmobile from scratch. You may decide on a Batmobile and a set of characters and props from medieval times...or perhaps something decidedly Steampunk. You can go dark and gothy...or as wild and whimsical as something out of Alice In Wonderland. If you study it’s history, you may find that the Batmobile wasn’t always black, so perhaps a never-before-seen color scheme is in order. Will your Batmobile follow the futuristic automotive trends of 2025 or will you rely on something a bit more retro inspired? Will Mr. Freeze turn all of Gotham City into a frigid icy wasteland or will the Joker take his evil shenanigans to say...the moon, or Mars? Questions like these may inspire some very specialized and unique Batmobile designs. Characters, scenes and dioramas to support your Batmobile design are highly encouraged. If you missed the first wave of LEGO Batman sets, the newly released DC Superheroes line ought to pad your collection with some much needed Batman schwag. Once you have already built a Batmobile, and if you are still feeling spritely, you may also come up with new designs for automotive vehicles for any number of supporting heroes and villains. Maybe Robin needs a cool set of wheels of his own...or Two-Face...or Poison Ivy.

Adding the words “Batmobile: 2025” to your tags, title or photos would be appreciated as our work would forever be a part of the Batmobile history when people keyword such things. As always, build one or build many in any scale you wish. Today is January 1st. You have until February 1st, one month to post your photos and short write ups here while all your questions, comments, gripes, praise and other chatter goes in the accompanying discussion thread. Here’s to the start of a very exciting new year. Now let’s build some Batmobiles!
rabidnovaracer 6 years ago
Comments in the comment thread Guy
Peteris Sprogis 6 years ago
in 2025 Sir Batman rides this >>

Motte BTR by Peteris Sprogis

Motte BTR by Peteris Sprogis
SHARPSPEED Posted 6 years ago. Edited by SHARPSPEED (member) 6 years ago
Batmobile 2.0 by SHARPSPEED

After a chase involving The Penguin, Batman's Previous car was damaged to the point of no return. An upgrade was needed. In collaboration with Lucius Fox, work came on a Batmobile 2.0, and this is the result. The new Batmobile is actually based on the older one, but only about 10% of the old one remains. Despite being bigger, the new Batmobile is actually lighter than the old one, with various high-strength composites in the exterior. No impractical jet turbine engine will be found, but instead a twin-turbo V6 already developed by WayneTech, with an output of 500+ horsepower, mounted in the middle. Enlarged rear wheels improve launch, and the steering system is similar to the system found on a F1 car. Aerodynamic fins and vents are also mildly inspired by motorsport. Inside will be all the the tech Batman needs, from a radio system connected right to GCPD broadcasts, various defense and hacking systems, and spare gadgets for Batman's utility belt. With everything overhauled entirely, this new Batmobile is ready to fight crime from the roads.
SHARPSPEED Posted 6 years ago. Edited by SHARPSPEED (member) 6 years ago
Robin's Dune Hopper by SHARPSPEED

Here's Robin's counterpart to the Batmobile. And it really is a counterpart. While Batman's car is a high powered supercar for the tarmac, Robin has the most powerful off road Dune hopper in Gotham. Based on the chassis of a Humvee, the rest was made entirely using WayneTech supplies, from the steering to the engine. The engine In question is a 400 houspower naturally aspirated engine mounted right behind the driver. The body and rollcage are made out of a Carbon-Fiber Titanium composite, making the virtually unbreakable. When the Batmobile can't get the job done on Gotham's Backroad, Robin will be there to get the Job done!
Proudlove 6 years ago
batmobile2025-1 by Proudlove

This was a fun build!
Gilcélio 6 years ago
my entry
Batman vs Mr Freeze 2025 by Gilcélio

Batmobile 2025 by Gilcélio

Mr Freeze 2025 by Gilcélio
lsgc 6 years ago
Shannon Ocean PRO 6 years ago
LUGNuts 51st Build Challenge: Batmobile 2025 by Shannon Ocean
Shannon Ocean PRO 6 years ago
LUGNuts 51st Build Challenge: Batmobile 2025 by Shannon Ocean
Lino M PRO 6 years ago
Batmobile: 2025!

Were you expecting something black?
Shannon Ocean PRO 6 years ago
Batmobille 2025 by Shannon Ocean
Bad furday PRO 6 years ago
LUGNuts challenge 51: Batmobile 2025 by Bad furday

It is complete.
Legohaulic PRO 6 years ago
This was so much fun. I don't do many of the challenges here on LUGNuts but I just couldn't pass this up.

It's pretty much just Batman + Tron + Lamborghini + Le Mans.

Batmobile 2025
JaytheRobot 6 years ago
In the near future of 2025, Batman fans demand a return to a campy, retro Batman after one too many grim-dark films.

Batmobile 2025 by JaytheRobot

Batmobile 2025 by JaytheRobot
Kiss@flick Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Kiss@flick (member) 6 years ago
Bat mobile 2025
photo 3
Angka Utama 6 years ago
Good ol' Batman drives a hot rod!

Bat Fink by Angka Utama

Armed, of course.
christophbrill 6 years ago
Batmobile Reborn!!

Batmobile 2025 by christophbrill
Peteris Sprogis Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Peteris Sprogis (member) 6 years ago
Batmobile 2025 is already on the screens >

link to my Batmobile BTMB2025
r a p h y Posted 6 years ago. Edited by r a p h y (member) 6 years ago

Noir Batmobile by r a p h y
DoktorZapp 6 years ago
Batmobile by DoktorZapp

The Batmobile from a terrible surfing movie, "Batman 2025: Surf's up, Dark Knight!"
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
Batmobile 2025: Futra CS

[The Futra CS - Cuusoo Project}
cjedwards47 PRO 6 years ago
I love this challenge! Here's mine...

Batmobile 2025 03 by cjedwards47

Batmobile 2025 04 by cjedwards47
Proudlove 6 years ago
Round-up is done!
Rolic PRO 6 years ago
Hahahaha.... if you had a wife then I probably whould have an idea where this 'I'm gonna be sweet, I'm gonna be kind' -thing came from. But you're still a sucker bachelor (no pun intended, however... nevermind) so, please tell me what were you drinking or using while writing this... thing :) LOL :-)

Have a nice day all, I'll certainly have after reading this funny roundup :-)
r a p h y 6 years ago
Awesome, I loved that one, I prefer old Lino :D
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
LOL, Lino sold us down the river...
I thought he was been nice? but in the end his not changing, not for you, not for me and sure hell not for his creations!
A great entertaining read. ;)
Lino M PRO 6 years ago
Rolic...even though I have never been married, I do live with my girlfriend so I'm not an eligible bachelor as they say. She also thinks my badass self is just a myth...ruined a long time ago.

Throughout the several days it took me to write the roundup I was drinking only coffee...and not the Three-Peckered Billy Goat variety as I ran out of it about a month ago.


erth&fiya...I tried to sell you down the river but no one was buying. ;) That reminds me, there is a great song by Chris Cornell...she's going to change the world, but she can't change me. Here's the vid.
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
LOL, that is one of my fav songs Lino... we can even rewind it back to Soundgarden, (my alternative taste in music was cemented in my youthful days) are you like spying on me with that Moving Batmobile of yours?
Cuil, thanks again for the detailed round up.
gambort PRO 6 years ago
Surprised you guys missed the link to this
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^ ..oh yes the album 'purple', I now feel rather 'old' now, thanks gambort for making me feel so purple all over again. LOL .
Rolic PRO 6 years ago
^^ that is one damn good song. I haven't heard of this band but for certain moods they seem to perfect to my taste.

ps: I know it's off topic but here's one of the musical pages into my dark soul
r a p h y 6 years ago
Funny, it reminded me of Deep Purple. never heard of the band before, that's seventies right? I'm not an authority on specific bands :P
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^^BB, nice, my kinda stuff. I have this, its a cool band from my country.
I'm so proud of what they've achieved internationally!
Enjoy a taste of my homeland.
Rolic PRO 6 years ago
Very nice, sweeter and softer than my usual stuf but really really great music.
Since you started this, here is something from my country. They unfortunately don't produce official video clips but you can get the feeling they produce on the stage from this video.
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^ Yeah, thats ballad stuff, but they go harder...

nice, heavy were it matters Skyforger (great name for my next starfighter ), I give you this then.

ps- what has Lino started here?.... LOL
Lino M PRO 6 years ago
What I started is something we've already started and finished a long time ago. This was before the separate entry and discussion threads but check it out.
Rolic PRO 6 years ago
This was also way before I was a member of LEGO community :-)
: VolumeX : 6 years ago
^me too... looked like alot of fun.
CrazyDude2009 5 years ago
Awesome vehicles!
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