Lino M PRO 9:33am, 1 January 2011
In 1992 The LEGO Group had the foresight to create a fictional fueling company called Octan and its iconic colors, logo and graphics have been seen on dozens of fun sets ever since...everything from gas stations, Model Team racing trucks, fuel tankers, even Technic and Duplo sets. So then, what better way to celebrate the fictional company than with its own LUGNuts build challenge?

This month we have all been hired by the Octan Marketing Division as vehicle designers and engineers to help increase awareness of Octan’s good name and brand identity. They will be sponsoring all forms of racing and automotive sport throughout the year and would like to see us design everything from racing bikes to classic show cars to rally racers to dragsters to monster trucks. While this is an automotive building group, you may also consider building Octan sponsored speed boats, planes and other long as you also include their terrestrial support vehicles to tow them into action. Your vehicles must at least be primarily built in Octan’s white, red, and green color scheme but how you divvy up those colors is entirely up to you. Individuality is highly encouraged so you may consider flames, racing stripes, checker patterns, waves or any other interesting ways to reinvent the Octan colors. If you have the stickers or mosaic building skills, the Octan graphics and logo can also be implemented. There are currently several easily obtainable sets out right now that bear the Octan logo and colors...and Bricklink can also help with parts and sticker sheets if needed.

Sticking to Octan’s usual white, red and green color scheme is probably best, especially when dealing with racing and brand identity...but sometimes retooling an old established design is necessary to breathe new life into a familiar brand. If your design requires a more sophisticated or elegant feel, then you may color shift using dark green, dark red and white.

While we’ve seen racing trucks and plenty of Octan tanker trucks over the years, you are highly encouraged to build vehicles that have never sported the Octan colors and logo. Think strange...think creative.

Although your color scheme is pretty much chosen for you, you have the freedom to build in any scale, era, racing venue, or car culture you desire. Build one or build many. Post your photo creations here along with their very short write ups, while any questions, comments, concerns, praise, gripes or other chatter can go in the accompanying discussion thread. Today is January first, you have until February month to come up with your Octan sponsored creations. Have fun with this challenge and as always...happy building everyone.
nolnet PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by nolnet (member) 5 years ago
As I said, I got two Air Blast Racer sets. So there :-)

Corvette Stingray Air Blast Racer
Corvette Stingray Air Blast Racer
Ricecracker. 5 years ago
For this challenge, I decided to build a speedboat, and the truck and trailer to transport it. The boat is a Hydrolift, and the truck is a Ford F-350 Dually.

OCTAN Speedboat Transport by Ricecracker.

OCTAN Ford F-350 Dually by Ricecracker.
[Shunazaver] [deleted] 5 years ago
Here's My car, the Mitsubishi Racer concept, in a scattered looking Octan livery. Mitsubishi Racer concept
Gilcélio Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Gilcélio (member) 5 years ago
My new version of Octan.
Electric cars.
Octan Honda EV-N concept by Gilcélio

Octan Honda EV-N concept by Gilcélio
Jayfourke 5 years ago
Octan does Dakar.

OCTAN Dakar - 3/4 by Jayfourke
jmaokoen Posted 5 years ago. Edited by jmaokoen (member) 5 years ago
My entry for the Octan Racing LUGNuts build challenge. Unknown by many, (because I made it up) Octan ran their own Formula One race team in the late 1970's, with one car driven by Octavius Antonelli. The design of the car was similar to the other cars of the era, but the car was unreliable. The drivetrain was very light, but the internals sprung leaks, as it was made of lego.
Octan F1 by jmaokoen

Octan F1 by jmaokoen

Octan F1 by jmaokoen
Lino M PRO 5 years ago
Octan Formula 1 Racer

From one Formula 1 Racer to another.
Mad physicist PRO 5 years ago
Entries are coming in quickly for this one. Here is mine. It's the 2nd Dakar Racer in this challenge, but a rather different animal than .Jake's.

The Dakar rally is famous for the off-road trucks and since I have a bit of a truck fixation at the moment (it could be lot worse) I decided to go for one of those.
Octan Dakar race truck (1) by Mad physicist
Dohoon Kim Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Dohoon Kim (member) 5 years ago
My entry. A modified version of my Porsche. I would have made it white with red and green stripes, but unfortunately, I didn't have enough white to do that.
/>ylan/>. Posted 5 years ago. Edited by />ylan/>. (member) 5 years ago
Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo (with somewhat boring Octan racing livery)
Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo by />ylan/>.

Amazingly It only took one day to build this...
I figured with Octan's colors being Green and Red, it had to be a classic Italian racer!
Proudlove 5 years ago
So I managed to pull off something at least for this challenge. This is the only set of four matching wheels I have access to for a few weeks at least though so don't expect much more from me.

Wee Octan monster truck by Proudlove
Lego Junkie. PRO 5 years ago
Octan Racing Golf Cart. by Lego Junkie.

Not my best work.
But then again, cars never are. :/
r a p h y 5 years ago
^i like it :)
fe2cruz Posted 5 years ago. Edited by fe2cruz (member) 5 years ago
Octan Moto GP R&D
Can't have a race team without the bikes..
Happy 2011 y'all.
Sangi13 5 years ago
My Entry:
An older model Soap Box car refurbished into a racer by Octan.

-created 1/2/11
-Refurbished into a racer on 1/12/11

Octan Turbo by Sangi13

Soap Box turned Octan Racer by Sangi13
KryptonHeidt Posted 5 years ago. Edited by KryptonHeidt (member) 5 years ago
This is a great challenge, and it's been a lot of fun building for it.

My entries so far:

Sprint Racer by KryptonHeidt

Super Stock by KryptonHeidt

Snowmobile by KryptonHeidt

EDIT: My last model for this challenge, a 1970 Plymouth Superbird:

Plymouth Superbird by KryptonHeidt
/>ylan/>. 5 years ago
Here's 2 more little entries from me:
Custom Dirt Track Racing Truck by />ylan/>.

Custom Dirt-Track Racing Truck

OCTAN F1 Racecar by />ylan/>.

Formula One Racecar (Design credit to mahjqa and ZetoVince)
Angka Utama 5 years ago
Here's mine, Octan goes NASCAR.
Stock Racing Truck by Angka Utama
Well...NASCAR truck, that is.
J0n4th4n D3rk53n 5 years ago
A strange 80's F1 Procar, built by Alfa Romeo, in Italian/Octan colours.

Alfa Romeo 164 F1 Procar by J0n4th4n D3rk53n

Alfa Romeo 164 F1 Procar by J0n4th4n D3rk53n

The real car:
Bing-Bong Brothers Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Bing-Bong Brothers (member) 5 years ago
I don't know if this applies, but here it is anyways...

"Oil Tanks" by Bing-Bong Brothers

Feast your eyes upon the Octan TA-C0 prototype tank. Created to protect Octan's oil interests in the middle east and entered in the Dakar rally, it was an enormous success
Tank3,4 by Bing-Bong Brothers
Silcantar 5 years ago
Octan Celeran:

Octan Celeran by Silcantar

Octan Celeran by Silcantar
Bad furday PRO 5 years ago
Here's mine - sometimes, four wheels are one too many!
Octan Racing Three Wheeler by Bad furday
Ussnegreli2 5 years ago

This is my moc for challenge - The Octan truck Race!

Octan Truck Race by Ussnegreli2
¡Matt! 5 years ago
Wow, after seeing this challenge I finally decided to join, this was fun!
Keep on Truckin' by ¡Matt!
Lego Monster PRO 5 years ago
The Octan Cannonballer. For those of you unfamiliar with the film, check out the Cannonball Run.

kwycstix 5 years ago
Octan's off-road series entry.

Octan Off-road series entry
vmln8r Posted 5 years ago. Edited by vmln8r (member) 5 years ago
Hi everyone, I just joined LUGNuts. My entry, a remote-controlled sportsbike:

octansportsbike1 by vmln8r
christophbrill 5 years ago
Octan Racers by christophbrill

Been a LUGNuts fan for a while. Here is my first offering, however. A trio of historic Octan stock cars.
Peteris Sprogis 5 years ago
rally raid team_Octan
rally raid team_Octan by Peteris Sprogis

Octan_buggy by Peteris Sprogis

product delivery for Octan gas stations
product delivery for Octan gas stations by Peteris Sprogis

VW Beetle_Octan racer
VW Beetle_Octan racer by Peteris Sprogis
Lino M PRO 5 years ago
Octan VW Baja Racer

Proving once and for all I have not had a fully original idea in this challenge yet. But mine is a Baja racer.
lsgc 5 years ago
Octan Lada Rally Car
Octan Lada Rally Car by lsgc
Dohoon Kim 5 years ago
Octan goes to the drag-strips with this dragster!
Octan Does Donuts with this Octan drifter!
Octan sends a Tow-Truck to tow any wrecked Octan away. But I'm pretty sure there won't be much wrecked ones. :)

Here are my last entries. I thought my Porsche wasn't enough and not a proper entry so I made these.
Firas Abu-Jaber 5 years ago
Nissan Navara Dakar Rally Car:
Nissan Navara Dakar Rally car
Ezractly Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Ezractly (member) 5 years ago
Lino M: "... highly encouraged to build vehicles that have never sported the Octan colors and logo. Think strange...think creative."

Batman: "I can't believe what happened to the Batmobile."
D.Vader: "Wait 'til you see my TIE Fighter."

Octan Batmobile

Octan Batmobile
NKubate 5 years ago
Based on the 5867 alternate model I presented earlier this month:

Octan Jeep
Jason son 5 years ago
OC5 by Jason son

1959 Corvette
hgaphoto 5 years ago
Octan Truck by hgaphoto
rabidnovaracer 5 years ago
1973 Chevy mud racer

'73 Chevy pickup mud racer
bricksonwheels PRO 5 years ago
A big succes this challenge i must say
r a p h y 5 years ago
Yeah, no kidding! My entry is coming later today. It's small, but I think you'll like it.
lego_nabii PRO 5 years ago
And into the future of Octan:
16-Team-Octan by lego_nabii

There's more in my photostream - and even more on MOCpages if you're so inclined.
r a p h y 5 years ago
Octan Heavy-Duty pickup with speedboat by r a p h y

I guess Octan is an Algerian company :D
Duq PRO 5 years ago
Yes! I made it! I finished it in time!
It's been a while since I entered but here's my Octan Racer, the Audi Quattro S1 group B rally car:
Audi Quattro S1 Front by Duq

I'll take better pictures later in the week. In my timezone it's already February now...
Tommy ñ 5 years ago
Octan Rogue Dust Devil by Tommy ñ

Jumping into the off-road action! With the Octan Rogue Dust Devil V10!
SHARPSPEED 5 years ago
Haven't been here in a while. Man, Overhaulin' must have had some reruns on!

Octan Rogue 4x4 "Fearr" by SHARPSPEED

Rogue 4x4 Octan by SHARPSPEED

Ready to tear up the trails, the Dakar version of the Rogue 4x4 is clad in Octan and more savage than ever!
LegoExotics Posted 5 years ago. Edited by LegoExotics (member) 5 years ago
I'm a bit tardy...but finally:

WRC Rally Car

01 WRC by LegoExotics

Le Mans Prototype

C 01-11 Le Mans Prototype by LegoExotics
Lino M PRO 5 years ago
Itchybreath...sorry but I had to delete your tie-fighter from the challenge thread. I liked it but this is an automotive group only. You can submit cars, bikes and spaceships. Hope you understand.
lego911 PRO 5 years ago
Late to the party, but well dressed.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 Racer.

Aston Marin V8 Vantage N24 Racer - Team Octans

Sorry I'm late - had a bit of a computer problem for the month.

Sangi13 5 years ago
uh....a tinsy bit late ;) GREAT car though!
lego911 PRO 5 years ago
Another late entry (all done during the month mind)

Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge Berlinetta - Team Octan Racing

Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge - Team Octan

lego911 PRO 5 years ago

Octan Racing OR11/A, 2011 Formula 1 World Championship Racer.

Formula 1 - Octans Racing OR11/A - 2011

Proudlove 4 years ago
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