Lino M PRO 9:07am, 1 December 2009
I can assure you, this challenge is like no other we have done before. Usually the challenges are loose enough so that thousands of vastly diverse cars, trucks, and bikes can be built. This time will be a little different...we’re all going to build one specific car...a ’66 Ford exceptions! But before you poo-poo the idea, let me explain how I came up with this challenge and why I picked that particular car.

Before I was a diehard Lego builder, I used to build model cars, planes and robots. Perhaps some of you have done the same. There are model car groups who have challenges, just like we do. Except with them, every one in the group runs out and buys the same predetermined car kit. Then, with the model they have, they can maybe chop the roof, paint it a different color or even “kitbash” parts from other model kits to come up with something completely unpredictable. ...And for the love of God, an entry better not be exactly like what’s pictured on the box! The same principle applies here...we all build a ’66 Ford Galaxie, but that’s where the similarities end. Even if we all choose to keep our entries completely stock, as some of us might, considering our different scales, styles and color choices, we can come up with potentially hundreds of possibilities for the same car. But, this is LUGNuts after all, so we all have the freedom to go completely nuts. Maybe you want to lower the suspension, give it a bubble top and Cadillac fins for a wild show rod look...or perhaps you want to raise the stance, give it a roll cage and a huge engine and make it a gasser. Maybe with power functions, yours can be a jumping lowrider...or a quarter mile drag racer. And if you hate the Galaxie and Fords in general, then you can make yours a real junker in a collision with a tree, in a Lego car fire set by malicious hobos...or the losing car at a demolition derby. Anything goes, just have fun with this challenge. The stars are the limit with the ’66 Galaxie...and this brings us to why I picked that car in the first place.

While I think the earlier Galaxies are better looking cars, the square, boxy shape of the ’66 can accommodate for any skill level and any lego collection. This boxy shape also made the Galaxie completely was equally at home on the dragstrip, at hot rod shows, at the demolition derby, your dad’s driveway...or chasing down speeders as a suped-up police cruiser. While the earlier Galaxies were designed to emulate starships, the ’66 lost its “space age” feel in favor of pure aggression! Stacked headlights are cool and the 66’s odd 7 liter engine configuration makes that particular model coveted amongst today’s car collectors. The mid-sixties Galaxie was Ford’s full sized was voted to have the most spacious back seat of any other car, making it the favorite amongst young drivers who ;) If you were completely jonseing to build a bike, truck or any other car this month, simply pose them next to your Galaxie...maybe in a traffic diorama, or have it being pulled over by a policeman on a motorcycle or towed away on a flatbed truck. Just be smart about it, and all should be fine.

Whether you make yours a post-apoc vehicle, a family sedan or a hot rod show stopper, today is December 1st, you have until January month to complete your creations. As always build one or build many in any scale or style you please. Your photo entries and short write ups will go here. Please post questions, comments, praise and any other babble in the accompanying discussion thread. You’ve proven you can come up with thousands of possibilities in every challenge so lets see what we can do when being restricted by just one choice. I bet you’ve got some great ideas already! Happy building, everyone.
J0n4th4n D3rk53n Posted 7 years ago. Edited by J0n4th4n D3rk53n (member) 7 years ago
For this challenge I built a Ford Galaxie funny car!
Complete with flip up body and realistic tub wheels and rollcage.
66' Ford Galaxie Funny Car  by J0n4th4n D3rk53n
Dohoon Kim 7 years ago
Ford Galaxie Family car
66' ford galaxie by Dohoon Kim
gambort PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gambort (member) 7 years ago
'66 Ford Galaxie by gambort

Funny thing with this build is that I've started a Galaxie about three times and today it just magically came together in a couple of hour
Lino M PRO 7 years ago
A Galaxie of Holiday Cheer!

What has sexy sleek styling, a removable top and makes Santa's heart go pitter-patter? No, not Natasha, you pervs! Click the pic to find out more. Happy Holidays Ya'll!
r a p h y 7 years ago

1966 Ford Galaxie lowrider by r a p h y

1966 Ford Galaxie lowrider by r a p h y

Mad physicist PRO 7 years ago
For a while I didn't think I'd find the time to enter this challenge. I'm happy I did, because this turned out to be a fun build and I think the car fits well in my Lego classic car collection.
1966 Ford Galaxie (1) by Mad physicist
Karwik Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Karwik (member) 7 years ago
Hello everybody!

Here is my Ford Galaxie 500 (7000cm3) hardtop, 1966. Almost stock. Scale: 1:25.
I found the information about the contest very late, on 27th December, so the model had to be finished in 3 days.
Now I can see a couple of things that Im gonna add/modify in the next version.
Thanks for Your attention, and for letting me here.

Happy New Year!


Ford Galaxie 500 hardtop 1966
Proudlove 7 years ago
Coming in just under the wire, my murdered out Galaxie 500.

galaxie2 by Proudlove
lego911 PRO 7 years ago
Hi All,

It took some while to get some camera time for these, so thanks for waiting.

Model 1: Ford Galaxie 1966 7-Litre Coupe - Model features working Vee-Engine and suspension.

Ford Galaxie 7-Litre Coupe 1966

Model 2: Ford Galaxie 1966 Convertible (Modified)

Ford Galaxie 1966 Convertible (Modified)

Model 3: Ford Galaxie 1966 Country Squire Wagon - with Hose Float

Ford Galaxie 1966 Country Squire Wagon

Model 4: Ford Galaxie 1966 Police Interceptor Sedan - featuring dangerous villain in custody

Ford Galaxie 1966 Police Interceptor

Happy New Year Everyone!

Proudlove Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Proudlove (admin) 5 years ago
Short and sweet and ready to go. Here it is. Yo
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