Annie Mole PRO 6:15am, 2 March 2008
Someone has done a blog post about the Central Line Postcards that are in the Museum and they say that they don't know who the artist is

I remember seeing them, (see Sizemore's photo) but I never took a picture.

Hopefully someone took one with the caption and has the name or maybe even the museum don't know who the artist is.

Any help welcome.


Katy/BlueyBirdy PRO 10 years ago
I think the artist is Phil May. Are you talking about this postcard display?

Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
Yes definitely that display - well caught Katy :-)
Yep that's right. They were designed by the caricaturist Phil May and published in 1904. The series takes a tongue-in-cheek view of London passengers. Each card represents a station along the Central London Railway, which opened in 1900. The line became known as the 'Twopenny Tube' because of its flat fare of 2d (2 pence). The nickname stuck, even after a graduated fare was introduced in 1907.

Annie Mole PRO 10 years ago
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