Lone Cow 5:42am, 5 November 2008
Do you have fancy cameras with swivel LCD screens that mean you don't actually have to lie down on the ground to take photos? Do you have other techniques to cheat? (Please share!) Do you shoot photos "blind" or do you always want to be sure of what you're taking?

How willing are you to risk your clothes and/or your camera to take a shot? Once I took a photo of a hermit crab on the beach - I wouldn't have minded lying down in the surf to get the shot, since it was very hot that day, except for the small matter of my camera!
jill_murray 10 years ago
Good question and I am very interested in the answer to this too. I am pretty new to photography and love the low perspective shots but am pondering how I am going to acheive this effect taking shots in the middle of the city - I ain't lying on the ground!
TheWanderGirl PRO 10 years ago
I lay down on the ground. Yeah, people will look at you funny, but if you've got an SLR in your hands they're going to look at you funny no matter what. If I think I can't do the shot without putting my equipment at risk, I don't do it. I guess I'm not that hardcore ;)
F a b i o 10 years ago
I've got a right angle viewfinder, it's great!

tip: If you've got a Nikon DSLR, instead of spending $$$ in the DR-6, get the DR-3 & DK-22 adaptor :-)
HiNoboru 10 years ago
Yes... lying down indeed, when I'm using my D50 last time. Now with D300 and D700 i can just use the LiveView!
Brummig 10 years ago
If you have a digital camera, taking loads of shots with the camera in different positions costs almost nothing, except a bit of time.
Dude Jev 10 years ago
that's how I do it...of course I have a point and shoot, no SLR....yet
oblivion head PRO 10 years ago
I lie down and get strange looks, esp. taking shots like tjhis is=n a supermarket carpark!

sunday trading
i either lie down or just set my camera on a flat surface (the ground) and take several semi-blind shots to see what happens. i love photos from this perspective.
davidcampbellphoto 10 years ago
Sometimes I drop and lay down. Sucks when it's muddy or wet, but sometimes you gotta do it.

One trick for shooting blind: hold your camera in your right hand, take the strap by the middle with your left hand. Pull it tight, and hold it directly behind the camera in a straight line. Then you will find it much easier to aim and this gives you a better sense of where it's pointed. Watch shooters at an event, like the end of a ball game when everyone is trying to get a hail mary shot of the coaches or celebration, we are all doing it.
disco modjo 10 years ago
I've got the D300 which I use Live View. For the other PNS, I just have to get down and get dirty. I do have a Sony F828 that swivels the lens upward to about 25 degrees also.
Anguskirk PRO 10 years ago
I use a pivoting screen (Olympus E-330) and find it indispensable. - I refuse to lie on my belly! For example, I took this shot in my pond without getting wet:

Frog in my pond
knowmatter.ca 10 years ago
I like the point and hope method, I know roughly what will be in my camera frame and just trust the lens to find what it wants. At most I kneel or if I need a longer exposure I use my tiny tripod... but I can only use very light cameras with it or it will tip.
koDesign PRO 10 years ago

I just hold my cam to the floor and shot.
No LCD - no viewfinder!
c_tomazos 10 years ago
I do both depending on what I'm photographing. If the ground is wet and greasy I do the blind shooting trick. If I need to do macros I do whatever I can to get my eye as close to the ground as possible (I'm no acrobat, haha).
I usually have a good eye for pointing the camera in the right direction so I do the blind shooting trick a lot. And also, I like how a lot of those kind of shots seem very spontaneous. Sometimes you get lines in your photo you might not have gotten if you'd been looking through the lense.

...but again, it depends on both the weather and the motive I want to capture. But I like to experiment and the blind shooting is a fun way to do that.
;-) SHAGGY Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ;-) SHAGGY (member) 9 years ago
I tend to kneel on my knee’s place the camera on the floor in front of me on top of my two little fingers for support (and prevent water or scratch damage to base of my camera from floor surface) and to take lots of shots blind just moving the camera angle from straight ahead thought to about 20/25 degrees, so tilting the camera back slightly after each shot. Review on the spot in camera, if no ‘keepers’ pick another spot and try again. Good luck people.
One I did New yrs Eve:
'The Fog'
tmv_media PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by tmv_media (member) 9 years ago
I either lie down or, more often, take lots of blind shots
Daniel Jaeglé 9 years ago
i kneel down to choose approximately the section through the viewfinder. then put the camera (SLR or compact) on the ground to take a blind shot. when taking shots from elevated objects i sometimes use the viewfinder. i prefer the blind shots though.

in the street by Daniel Jaeglé
nègFoto PRO 9 years ago
I lie down most of the time, especially with my DSLR. I remember getting strange looks while taking this one.

Turtle [B&W]
LeonidasGR 9 years ago
Varve said "I usually have a good eye for pointing the camera in the right direction so I do the blind shooting trick a lot. And also, I like how a lot of those kind of shots seem very spontaneous. Sometimes you get lines in your photo you might not have gotten if you'd been looking through the lense" AND I DO EXACTLY the same. I also have an angle viewfinder and i use it as possible. The only time i take risk for the camera is when i get into the sea or water in general because i like to shoot with my head near the surface of water. Actually the bottom of the camera has a finger distance from the water. This under is an example:

Jamaica - Waiting customers for fishing !
abject toy [deleted] 6 years ago
I just like to put the camera on the ground, take a few clicks and hope they turn out alright. If not then delete and repeat. I like the unpredictability that comes with it.
jolly toe [deleted] Posted 3 years ago. Edited by jolly toe (member) 3 years ago
I Use A Canon PowerShot SX510 HS. You Don't Have To Lay On The Ground To Get Low Perspective Shots But You Can If You Want To See What your Actually Shooting & How Well Its Focused. For My Down Low Photo Of Moss, I Took A Few Without Seeing The Screen Then Took Some Where I Looked At The Screen & In That Photo I Had The Camera Laid On The Moss & I Took A Blind Shot. When Taking Ground Level Or Low Perspective Shots Take Extra Photos Incase Some Don't Turn Out. Take Shots With Different Angles, Move The Camera So It's Pointing At Different Subjects.
Here Is My Moss Photo. www.flickr.com/photos/131469045@N04/16467799230/
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