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Lynne Hand ADMIN September 14, 2010

Group Description

Feature Photos "Annie The Dachsund" by CWhatPhotos.

Annie the Dachshund

You can recommend another member's photo to feature here. It has to be someone else's photo to turn up on this page though - no self promotion!

I don't know about you, but my dogs are much more than pets, they are fully paid up members of our family. So this group is for anyone who, like me, loves their dog(s).

It's an easy going group about our dogs and how much we love them. - post a photo (up to ten a day, but try to space them out a bit) of the dog(s) (genderless term) you love. And if there is something you want to discuss (of a doggy nature) feel free to start a topic. Basically you can get as involved as you want to.

I presume no one who joins the group will mind that I use Flickr badges on the website, and I sometimes blog photos, so, if you don't want your dog's photo to be blogged just disable the blogging tool and if you don't want to show up on the site, just make your photo private (it will still show in the group, but not in the Flickr badges).

Just remember we all have something in common here. No matter who we are, no matter where we come from. No matter what the size, colour, breed (or lack of it) in our pawed pals - We all love our dogs.

If you are another group moderator, or have an announcement to make / campaign etc. Please post in this thread.

! love my dog(s). Get yours at

Don't forget to spread the word (this isn't a rule, just a suggestion):-

If you use Firefox you can automatically: add your referral, for this and other groups, contacts etc., using this script - Add Referal Script .


Use link below if you would like to note you found this picture in the *I Love My Dog* group!!

<a href="">Seen in *I Love My Dog*</a>

It will look like this once you comment: Seen in *I Love My Dog*

Here are some collections from Flickr - If you want to appear in the "I love my dog" slideshow just add the tag iluvmydog you don't have to join the group to do this. Oh and If I haven't added your dog's breed yet just give me a gentle nudge:-

Code: iluvmydog

Code: Akita

Code: Alsatian

Code: Beagle

Code: Bernese

Code: Bhutia

Code: Bichon

Code: Borzoi

Code: Boxer

Code: Bulldog

Code: BullTerrier - Added by request

Code: Cattle Dogs (a bit of sport action in this show, I guess it's the name of a team. Go Cattle Dogs!)

Code: Cavalier - this contains some cars too. LOL

Code: Chihuahua

Code: Chinesecrested

Code: ChowChow

Code: Cockapoo - Cocker Spaniel / Poodle mix

Code: Cocker

Code: Collie

Code: Corgi

Code: Dachshund

Code: Dalmation

Code: Doberman

Code: Elkhound

Code: Flatcoat

Code: Heinz57Dog

Code: Husky

Code: Labradoodle - Labrador / Poodle cross

Code: Labrador

Code: Malamute

Code: Maltese

Code: Maltelier - Maltese / Cavalier King Charles Cross - no photos available!

Code: Mastiff

Code: Morkie

Code: Mutt

Code: Newfoundland

Code: Papillon - this show includes the odd flutterby and strange people!

Code: Pekinese

Code: PharaohHound - There's a special Pharoah Hound group here.

Code: Pinscher (including Min Pins).

Code: Pitbull

Code: Pointer

Code: Pomeranian

Code: Poodle

Code: Pug

Code: Puggle

Code: PyreneenDog

Code: Retriever

Code: Ridgeback

Code: Rottweiler

Code: SaintBernard

Code: Saluki

Code: Schnauzer

Code: Schnoodle - Schnauzer / Poodle mix

Code: Setter

Code: Sheltie

Code: Sheepdog

Code: ShibaInu - note no space!

Code: Spaniel

Code: Terrier - All the terriers - otherwise this list would be too long.

Code: Vizla

Code: Weimaraner

Code: Whippet

The posting restriction is only because people like to look at a selection of our best friends.

Group Rules

A simple rule:-

No "dog for sale" or "dog for breeding" adverts.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 10 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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