British Food

seahorsetamer 10:32am, 26 August 2008
Good group! British food is yummy...those people who slag it off have never tried a really great roast followed by crumble and custard or steamed pudding and clotted cream! Oh, and a nice cup of tea!
There are some great pics in the pool so far!
vr6woman PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for your words, It is a stereo-type isn't it......British has made great strides in the culinary field. sure there is rubbish foods, but that is because it wasn't prepared properly. That can be said of any cuisine.
pirate_paddler Posted 10 years ago. Edited by pirate_paddler (member) 10 years ago
bangers and mash, shepards pie, cornish pasty, lancashire hotpot, cumberland sausages, spotted dick and custard, apple pie and ice cream, i could mention more but i am hungry now!!
Teena Vallerine PRO 9 years ago
Oh I love british food - especially winter comfort food, nothing beats a good stew and dumplings on a cold day. But then also some of the best stuff has nothing to do with all that great home cooking - colman's mustard, fish and chips, tinned custard, worcestershire sauce, hula hoops.... Must go, need to eat! Thanks for the invite to join in with the fun!
PeteZab PRO 9 years ago
Nice idea for a group, I'll certainly try and contribute.
waldopepper PRO 9 years ago
I echo the positive posts on British food.

Every New year we hire out a cottage in the English countryside for a week with friends and the main thing I look forward to is having proper English pub country food. Delicious pies, local game meat, roasts, dumpings and sticky-toffee pudding with lashings of hot custard.
brydeb [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite to join, this is a subject close to my heart ( & the cholesterol clogging it - lol )
- did someone say Treacle Pud' ...................................
Joits 9 years ago
i went to boarding school in england and so i had to eat it 24/7 and there definitely were some dishes that were amazing... and that i really miss now that i live in the US.
mark.alexander5 9 years ago
Thank you most kindly for the invite!
marknice1960 9 years ago
I was born in England and lived there untill I was 38 years old, and moved to the USA following marriage in 1999.
My wife, a California gal, has really gone out of her way to learn British recipes and cook me some of my old favourites.
Her best and my favourite being Toad in the hole, fresh mashed potatos, pees and brown gravy - mmmmmmmmmmm.
Tim Little PRO 9 years ago
I've been away from England for more than a year now and crave bacon and sausages and mash. A good roast and a proper pint would be great too. For the time being I'm making do with enjoying pictures of what I miss
Food, Fash, Fit PRO 8 years ago
I couldn't live without roast dinners... What would be the point? :P
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