StitchedInColor 7:14pm, 24 February 2016
Hope you don't mind I'm a bit early this time! This time I'd like your help having a little fun with half square triangles. I'm requesting 32 HST blocks, which equals (2) 12" quilt squares. But, the trick is I don't want you to join them together! Just leave them individual blocks. I'm going to play with all the possibilities when they arrive and see what happens.

Please make 3.5" unfinished HST blocks, which will finish at 3" square. You may use your favorite HST method. I like the one where you cut squares at 4", place two right sides together, draw a line from corner to corner, sew at 1/4" on each side of the drawn line, cut along the drawn line and then square up the blocks to the desired size, in this case 3.5". I show this method as a part of this tutorial:, but you could find lots of examples of it online. Any method is fine so long as your HST blocks are 3.5" unfinished.

For the color scheme, please be inspired by this inspiration collage from my Vintage Rainbow contest:

Vintage Rainbow {a mosaic contest} by StitchedInColor

I see mustard yellow, olive green, peach, rose, strawberry red, true blue, aqua, steel. A vintage rainbow makes its happy home in white, creamy brightness or perhaps cool gray, so feel free to use lots of low value fabrics. It feels breezy and light, and somewhat ecclectic. Solids are fine in moderation.

When you are choosing fabrics, please make (4) batches of 8 identical HST blocks, for 32 blocks total. You will need 8 fabrics in all.

Again, please do not join your HST blocks. I'll be experimenting with different settings. Hears something I'm playing with, as an example:

Vintage Rainbow HST by StitchedInColor

Because you are making sets of 8 identical blocks, I could do a layout like this that relies on sets of blocks.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for doing the tedious HST work. =) Hopefully the resulting work is well worth our time.
Allison/Savage Pink PRO 3 years ago
Hi Rachel! No problem doing HSTs, they are always fun. You are going to to the hard job, putting them all together! :)
One question: how important is contrast? In your photo, the top two groups of HSTs are pretty low-contrast. I love that look! Some pattern ideas really rely on the light/dark contrast though so I just wanted to check about that before I choose my fabrics. Thanks!
kirianth PRO 3 years ago
Ooh, good question, Allison!

Rachel, do you have a preference for pressing the seams?
antstosugar 3 years ago
I'll press seams open unless I hear otherwise! 😊
StitchedInColor 3 years ago
Allison/Savage Pink:
Sorry I'm so slow to reply! I'm happy with a mix of low contrast and higher contrast. I probably favor high contrast, but I like a mix. I prefer seams pressed open, but no worries if you need to press them to one side.
StitchedInColor 2 years ago
Today was a jackpot mail day! Now I have blocks from:

Ara Jane

Awaiting blocks from Allison + Ivy + Daisy

antstosugar 2 years ago
Hey Rachel! I'm sorry for making the photo pool out of order - my HST's are posted now. I sent them very early, and I really hope they made it to you!
StitchedInColor 2 years ago
Received from everyone! Thanks team.
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