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Mainlander - 大陆人

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GraemeNicol says:

Hi all,

Thought I'd draw peoples attention to a China-based street photography group on Flickr called
Mainlander - 大陆人

It's been running for about three months now, with the aim of showcasing the best street photography, candids and street portraits being taken in China and uploaded to Flickr. Membership is both Laowai and Chinese, and ranges from enthusiastic amateurs to some of the most respected photojournalists and fine-art photographers operating in Asia.

The pool does differ from the Lost Laowai one or indeed any other on Flickr concerning China, in that it makes no attempt to be fair or democratic. Admission is monitored by a team of administrators to ensure consistency, just as a museum curator or magazine editor would be retain editorial control of content. Unlike a certain government we all know though, free, unharmonious dissent is heartily encouraged.

Even though there is no guarantee that photos posted will be displayed, it can hopefully be guaranteed that if you take a look through the pool you will find something there that blows your mind, makes you realise again why you first got into photography and inspires you to get back out there and shoot more. Well, that's the theory anyway. It works for me.

3:09AM, 25 October 2007 PDT (permalink)

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Ryan M Mclaughlin is a group administrator Ryan M Mclaughlin says:

It's a great group.
ages ago (permalink)

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