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makeroadssafe ADMIN August 28, 2013
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Too many pedestrians are being killed and injured on the world's roads. Yet implementing safety measures is cost effective and the solutions are simple. Often what's needed is as simple as a safe crossing point or a pavement.

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Group Description

The Long Short Walk is a campaign promoting safe walking for all. Everyone should be able to walk without fear of injury, it should be a basic right – like access to clean water. Encouraging walking makes sense for transport policy, for health policy and for environmental policy. It is particularly important for the health and independence of our children. So, in support of the UN Global Road Safety Week 2013, the Zenani Mandela Campaign has launched the ‘Long Short Walk’ for safer, healthier and greener mobility.

Take part in the Long Short Walk. Add a photo or short film of your daily walk, or favourite walk, or a dangerous road that needs fixing (but don’t take risks to get the picture). We’ll compile all these short walks into one Long Walk that will take place during the UN Global Road Safety Week, 6-12 May 2013, when we’ll urge governments around the world to include road safety in new Sustainable Development Goals.

Upload your photos/short video to The Long Short Walk

1. Sign into your Flickr account or set up a new account if you don’t already have one
2. Upload your photos/videos to your account, being sure to include as much information about each photo/video as possible
3. Join The Long Short Walk group at www.flickr.com/groups/longshortwalk/
4. Add your photos/videos to The Long Short Walk group

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