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Group Description

Mosaic, 13 Feb 2005

For the pool mosaics to look best, tiles that don't work optimally will be removed from the pool. Any tile tagged properly will be available for mosaics independent of being in the pool, however. See the Tool manual for details.

Also, if your tile gets rejected because the line is not visible enough, it might fit the Patches group.

The idea of this group is to create a large mosaic of collective pictures, that has a web of lines running through. Join in the fun!

Put your mosaics in the showcase! Go to Tiled Up.

And here's the group rules:

1. Be hip, be square
Pictures have to be cropped to a square.

2. Have one line
Every picture needs to have one and just one clear line running through it. The line needs to be clearly visible from the thumbnail. Its width should be small compared to the width of the square, but visible, i.e. it can't be just the boundary between two areas. A good width seems to be around 10% of the total image width.

3. Connect some square side centers
The line can have any shape within the picture, split, run back into itself, etc. But it needs to connect to at least one side of the square. These connections have to be made in the center of the respective sides. For continuity reasons it also can't at an angle smaller than 45 degrees relative to the side it intersects. The more orthogonal the intersection, the better.

4. Tag it
The picture should be tagged with the "long line" tag. In addition there needs to be a "LL" tag coding the sides the line connects to in the picture. The sides are numbered, starting from the top in clockwise direction, 1-2-3-4 coding top-right-bottom-left, respectively. A picture connecting the left to the bottom and right would be tagged with "LL234".

4a Crossings
Tiles that have four connectors can be either true crossings, or diagonal passings, where two sides connect pairwise. To differentiate the two possible passings, the additional letters r and f are added to the tag. R denotes a tile that connects 14 and 23, while F denotes connection of 12 and 34.

5. Be real
The picture can show any real object or objects that contain or create an impression of a line. No computer generated images.

6. License it
The pictures should be licensed with a creative commons license that allows derivative work, so that a mosaic from the images can be made.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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