Mark Broadhead PRO 10:28pm, 13 August 2012
Below are the top five winners. Congratulations to all of you. Thanks as always to everyone for participating.

Could the photographer placed first contact Mark (LP) via flickrmail with their choice of guide and their postal address.

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In first place with 28 votes is rovinglight's "Motherly Love"
Motherly Love

In second place with 25 votes is EyesOfChris' "her warmest pillow"
her warmest pillow

In third place with 24 votes is gecktrek's "Siesta Time"
Siesta Time

In fourth place with 21 votes is ABEE_T's "Hindu Wedding"
Hindu Wedding

In joint fifth place with 17 votes is Joel Carillet's "Love in the Middle East"
Love in the Middle East

In joint fifth place with 17 votes is B.B.H.70's "First Love"
First Love

My favourite (apart from above) is dyzma's "RussianSoldier"
Joel Carillet 6 years ago
Thank you...

Love in the Middle East
rovinglight Posted 6 years ago. Edited by rovinglight (member) 6 years ago

Motherly Love
B.B.H.70 PRO 6 years ago

First Love
albatz 6 years ago
Thank you!
best friends (Cambodia) by albatz
Richa500 6 years ago
Homecoming by Richa500

Thanks for the votes!
EyesOfChris 6 years ago
Thanks for your votes :)

her warmest pillow by EyesOfChris
martem@r 6 years ago
Thanks for your votes!

Team Pedal Pushers 6 years ago
Thanks :)
Sean Maynard 6 years ago
Thank you!

Xiamen - Ocean sized love 6 years ago
Thank you !

g e c k t r e k 6 years ago
Autumn Siesta by g e c k t r e k

Many thanks, cheers!
calzean PRO 6 years ago
Sunset Lovers
bedishko [deleted] 6 years ago
la Via dell'Amore , Italy... and in the end, the Love you take is equalt to the love you make.....

huài 6 years ago
a long moment_04 by huài
Aravindan Rajaram 6 years ago
Its ABEEautiful Life Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Its ABEEautiful Life (member) 6 years ago
Many Thanks for votes

Hindu Wedding by Its ABEEautiful Life
Locks of love on a Paris bridge by Scott Robertson, Montreal
grandrake [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by grandrake (member) 6 years ago

Trekking in Turkey - The Kaçkars - Love Breaks No Backs
david schweitzer PRO 6 years ago
Bonded Buddies
bedishko [deleted] 6 years ago
venice, beautiful canals and gondolas
Benoit Cappronnier 6 years ago
Radha and Krishna
D.Biswas 6 years ago
Them and New York by D.Biswas

Touca. 6 years ago
Look into my eyes, babe! by Touca.

Thanks for your votes!
SBal4Lynn 6 years ago
thanks! Baby and Crisp Packet
dyzma 6 years ago
Thank you all
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