Mark Broadhead PRO 10:18pm, 30 July 2012
Below are the top five winners. Congratulations to all of you. Thanks as always to everyone for participating.

Could the photographer placed first contact Mark (LP) via flickrmail with their choice of guide and their postal address.

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In first place with 44 votes is leahg123's "Remote Living in a Remote Country"
Remote Living in a Remote Country

In second place with 42 votes is Scott Robertson, Montreal's "Mitre Peak, Pakistan"
Mitre Peak, Pakistan

In third place with 24 votes is EyesOfChris' "Personal Glacier"
Personal Glacier

In fourth place with 18 votes is peteskiphoto's "Train Cars in the Gobi"
Train Cars in the Gobi

In joint fifth place with 16 votes is PostcardPress' "Immense"

In joint fifth place with 16 votes is Joseph A Ferris III's "Revelle Near The Ice"
Revelle Near The Ice

My favourite (apart from the winners) is Drpsauter's "Daku Island"
Daku Island
leahg123 5 years ago
Ice-olation in Iceland - The House on the Elliðaey by leahg123
peteskiphoto 5 years ago
Train Cars in the Gobi
Mitre Peak, Pakistan by Scott Robertson, Montreal
Lexa T 5 years ago
IMG_5815 by Lexa T
SPMckeever 5 years ago
lonely road by SPMckeever

thanks for the votes!
EyesOfChris 5 years ago
Thanks for your votes!

Personal Glacier by EyesOfChris
Joseph A Ferris III 5 years ago
Revelle Near The Ice
Glen1967 PRO 5 years ago
Bromo View

Not picked up in pool search
PostcardPress 5 years ago
rahimadatia 5 years ago
Sahara #15
Colin and Mitch 5 years ago
Thank you
A Tough Climb to the Top. Monastery in Georgia by Colin and Mitch
Drpsauter 5 years ago
Daku Island by Drpsauter
Thanks for the votes!
Homebound Blues 5 years ago
Thanks for the votes, it's my first time here.
brocks87 5 years ago
solitary chapel by brocks87
Carla-K PRO 5 years ago
Purnululu National Park, Western Australia
srdjan s. 5 years ago
Banyan forest
JeremySequeira 5 years ago
The road to Woomera by JeremySequeira
Thanks for the votes!
david schweitzer PRO 5 years ago
Backcountry Storm - Pacific Coast Mountains, Canada  [Explored]
s_andreja PRO 5 years ago
Remote mountains in Sahara desert by s_andreja

Thanks for your votes!
Hamo - the original 5 years ago
Out With The Bathwater

Thanks for looking!
Kuba Abramowicz PRO 5 years ago
A house by the river by Kuba Abramowicz
cedricseynat 5 years ago
Altiplano by cedricseynat
Julien Lebreton PRO 5 years ago
Thanks !

Porthcurno by Stephen Walford Photography

Thank you voting!
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