Mark Broadhead PRO 11:25pm, 16 July 2012
Below are the top five winners. Congratulations to all of you. Thanks as always to everyone for participating.

Could the photographer placed first contact Mark (LP) via flickrmail with their choice of guide and their postal address.

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In first place with 27 votes is auntjojo's "Under the Bean"
Under the Bean

In second place with 23 votes is rovinglight's "Reaching for the Heavens"
Reaching for the Heavens

In third place with 21 votes is no_whr_man's "All that reflects, melts into the air..."
All that reflects, melts into the air...

In fourth place with 20 votes is bighead_maicol's "Cappadocia #1"
Cappadocia #1

In fifth place with 18 votes is agooooooooooo's "door to hell"
door to hell

My favourite (apart from the above) is ~marcus~'s "Chobe Zebras"
Chobe Zebras
david schweitzer PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by david schweitzer (member) 6 years ago
Many thanks!
Camel Sundown II - Shela Dunes, Kenya
scb.mypics Posted 6 years ago. Edited by scb.mypics (member) 6 years ago
Thank you folks, always great to reach this level.

Fairy Land by scb.mypics
auntjojo 6 years ago
[Under the Bean]
manika104 6 years ago
Wow! This is surreal to have received your votes. Thank you so much.

Sand Fall by manika104
BhushaNYC 6 years ago
Thanks guys, feels great to be here!
All that reflects, melts into the air...
scientific guide [deleted] 6 years ago
Thanks for the votes!
Shoot with Beckstead
my second last dream! 6 years ago
Thanks a lot! feels the best to be here.

Lamppost (magh mela 2011)
Lamppost (magh mela 2011)
M Sridevi Photography 6 years ago
Is voting = Favorite an image?
Light Focus Shoot 6 years ago
Spirit World

Thanks for the Votes
BhushaNYC 6 years ago
M SHridevi Photography -
To vote, go to the "about" section of this group and copy-paste the mentioned code as a comment below any five pictures you like best.

(Remember, if you don't vote exactly 5 times then all of your votes are discounted. Also, make sure you paste all the code (it makes a link) or else the vote counter doesn't read it properly.)
bighead_maicol 6 years ago
Cappadocia #1 by bighead_maicol

rovinglight 6 years ago

Reaching for the Heavens
China - Beijing - Peking - 北京 - Metropolis & Capital of the People's Republic of China - The National Centre for the Performing Arts at dusk

thank you
Sayarma 6 years ago
agowski 6 years ago
door to hell
s_andreja PRO 6 years ago
Thank you!
As surreal as nature can be by s_andreja
rubey campbell Posted 6 years ago. Edited by rubey campbell (member) 6 years ago
thank you...
seascape at sundown by rubey campbell
albatz 6 years ago
Thank you!
Ghent thru the window (Belgium) by albatz
totomai PRO 6 years ago

Abracax Photo 6 years ago

Mystery of Worship
strawberrylee 6 years ago
Thank you for the votes!

Truly feeling on top of the world by strawberrylee
brocks87 6 years ago
surreal sunset through the trees by brocks87
DIDS' PRO 6 years ago
En passant par là
Joseph A Ferris III 6 years ago
Face Piercing Phuket Vegetarian Festival
Julien Lebreton PRO 6 years ago
Thanks !

Meditation by Joaquin Medrano Photography
Thank you for your votes!
Duplisea 6 years ago
Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog by Duplisea
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