Mark Broadhead PRO 6:22am, 1 May 2012
Below are the top five winners. Congratulations to all of you. Thanks as always to everyone for participating.

Could the photographer placed first contact Mark (LP) via flickrmail with their choice of guide and their postal address.

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In first place with 21 votes is Nico_*'s "Feeling the freedom in the Sahara's dunes"
Feeling the freedom in the Sahara's dunes

In second place with 20 votes is EyesOfChris' "What do we want?"
What do we want?

In third place with 19 votes is Peʞkαs © ♥ back's "Encanto"

In fourth place with 17 votes is Donovan Jank's "Freedom"

In joint fifth place with 16 votes is priyatnadp's "free..."

In joint fifth place with 16 votes is slawekkozdras' "Sunset fun (Mabul, Malaysia)"
Sunset fun (Mabul, Malaysia)

My favourite (apart from the winners) is DIDS' "Waiting for the seventh wave"
Waiting for the seventh wave
Beth_MacKenzie 6 years ago
Havel Memorial by Beth_MacKenzie

Thanks :)
Kryssia © ♥ 6 years ago
5 votes at this moment, thank you very much

giandigna 6 years ago
montreaux by giandigna
Nico_* 6 years ago
Feeling the freedom in the Sahara's dunes

THANKS for your votes!!! :))))))
PascalBo PRO 6 years ago
Gallop - Ngapali beach
slawekkozdras PRO 6 years ago
Sunset fun (Mabul, Malaysia)
scottstringer 6 years ago
All votes welcome :)
All the time in the world by scottstringer
rovinglight 6 years ago

Flying Free
© Libyan Soup PRO 6 years ago
Big Daddy, Namib Desert, Namibia.

Thanks for your votes
captive sight Posted 6 years ago. Edited by captive sight (member) 6 years ago
My submission showed up, so I'm taking it off here

Thank you Mark :)
brocks87 6 years ago
patagonian freedom by brocks87
Sayarma 6 years ago

Berlin Wall Marker by Sayarma
Donovan Jank 6 years ago
Thanks for the votes guys, i appreciate it.

Joel Carillet 6 years ago
Thanks! Of all the times I've photographed, this night was the most amazing...
Celebrating in Tahrir Square
EyesOfChris 6 years ago
Thanks for your votes and support!

What do we want? by EyesOfChris
Yellow Monkies 6 years ago
Thanks for all the votes and comments :)
Yosemite National Park by Yellow Monkies
Glen1967 PRO 6 years ago
Thank you for the votes :)

Flight over Sanfransisco
jebob PRO 6 years ago

is the grass always greener on the other side
AdamJamesWilson 6 years ago
Lefkada, Greece

Thanks for the votes!
shyamali.singh 6 years ago
Iceland by shyamali.singh
NIKON-KING 6 years ago
Thanks for voting

Break Free by NIKON-KING
Abracax Photo 6 years ago
Thanks for seeing the Freedom in this one.

Coorg: On the Road by Abracax Photo
Pokin' 'RTW 6 years ago
Thanks for voting!

Doorway to the North by Pokin' 'RTW
lopsided sound [deleted] 6 years ago
Thank you for the votes!

priyatnadp 6 years ago
14 votes so far, thanks for the votes
Chris_Hoskins 6 years ago
A93 just past Glenshee with Glas Tulaichean in the background
bangdiwalas 6 years ago
A Glimpse of Freedom comes with a Price. by bangdiwalas

Thank you all for your kind votes. :-)
Infinita Highway! 6 years ago
Alaska - Fronteira
BoazImages PRO 6 years ago
Fighting for Democracy
Gerson Gomes Martins 6 years ago
Caribbean Freedom by Gerson Gomes Martins
5 Thank you!
FREEDOM!!!  [Explored]
JakeMichaelMinshull 6 years ago

Gladiators by JakeMichaelMinshull
~aDeSe~ 6 years ago
Congratulations to the winners.. Awesomely Inspiring stuff in here.. !
DIDS' PRO 6 years ago
Thank You
Waiting for the seventh wave
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