Noah Markus 12:35am, 24 January 2012
Below are the top five winners. Congratulations to all of you. Thanks as always to everyone for participating.

Could the photographer placed first contact Mark (LP) via flickrmail with their choice of guide and their postal address.

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In first place with 35 votes is © Libyan Soup's "He waits. That's what he does..."
He waits. That's what he does...
This is another one of those ordinary everyday scenes that makes Burma such an extraordinarily photogenic place.
Nearing the end of yet another day that had already been packed full of adventure since long before dawn around Mandalay, this image was taken whilst walking across the U Bein Bridge on Taungthaman Lake around sunset. It represents just one of literally thousands of vivid moments & memories that make me want to keep returning to Burma.

In second place with 26 votes is HeikkiA's "Chess players II"
Chess players II

In third place with 21 votes is Alexey_Sukhopar's "Bodhgaya dreams"
Bodhgaya dreams

In joint fourth place with 20 votes is See_the_light's "a san fran moment"
a san fran moment

In joint fourth place with 20 votes is Katie Hawrysh's "Novice Monks"
Novice Monks

In joint fifth place with 19 votes is Travayegeur (Sahil)'s "Bustling market@varanasi..."
Bustling market@varanasi...

In joint fifth place with 19 votes is Richa500's "LP Waiting"
LP Waiting
© Libyan Soup PRO 6 years ago
He waits. That's what he does...

Thanks for your votes
Bustling market@varanasi...
HeikkiA PRO 6 years ago
Chess players II by HeikkiA
sri_the_quack 6 years ago
Pelicans at Attention

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Richa500 6 years ago
Boat traders....Rest & recuperation by Richa500
Richa500 6 years ago
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See_the_light PRO 6 years ago
a san fran moment

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Hannah L Glenton 6 years ago
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Waiting for passengers
Jeff Bauche._.·´¯) Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Jeff Bauche._.·´¯) (member) 6 years ago
Burma (Myanmar)
Burma (Myanmar)
Vinay DV [deleted] 6 years ago
matteo_dudek PRO 6 years ago
Nel blu dipinto di blu...
oarranzli 6 years ago
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Back by oarranzli
ronannet 6 years ago
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Solitary... by ronannet
Ernie Reyes 6 years ago
Forty Winks
Patchworkwhale 6 years ago
Waiting on Pitaji. by Patchworkwhale
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eki pong 6 years ago
 by eki pong

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NoahSud 6 years ago
Waiting For The Years To Come | Temple Hall / Telamon |

Thanks for your votes – some pretty good pictures in this challenge!
Kalexander2010 PRO 6 years ago
Waiting outside the Shakespeare Bookshop (FRANCE, Paris)
s_andreja PRO 6 years ago
Squat and wait - around Barisal by s_andreja

Thanks for your votes, I am glad to be shortlisted.
Seb - Smith PRO 6 years ago
men on cart b&w
Thanks for the votes.
McBruce 6 years ago

Thanks for the votes everyone!
laura kudelska 6 years ago
Waiting by laura kudelska

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IvanCheng 6 years ago
A breather
Jοel 6 years ago

summer days - watching waves
filipmije PRO 6 years ago
Waiting for the next  ...

thanks guys !
ania115 PRO 6 years ago

Waiting for customers - Cambodia
breakbeat PRO 6 years ago
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Way Out
fugaroo 6 years ago
my photo doesn't show up in the pool.
waiting for the race to start by fugaroo
Uladzik Kryhin [deleted] 6 years ago
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david schweitzer PRO 6 years ago
Dressed for market
Phomadic [deleted] 6 years ago

Koru Fern Buds
FotoByKiwi 6 years ago
Waiting by FotoByKiwi

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g e c k t r e k 6 years ago
Taxi! by g e c k t r e k

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palomonte PRO 6 years ago
La Habana / Avenida Reina

ranuchakraborty 6 years ago
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gornabanja PRO 6 years ago
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