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Below are the top five winners. Congratulations to all of you. Thanks as always to everyone for participating. Could the top five winners please send me the story behind the photo (how they came to take the photo) and I'll post it below the image.

Could the photographer placed first contact Mark (LP) via flickrmail with their choice of guide and their postal address. Mark is currently on holiday, but he’ll post your book as soon as he gets back.

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In first place with 44 votes is "Tunnel view. Yosemite. California." by Sapna Reddy Photography

I have always been inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and truly love Yosemite. The iconic tunnel view has been made famous by innumerable photographers. I wanted to show the transition between fall to winter with the fall colors in the foreground and the snow capped mountains in the distance. I was also hoping for mist to add a dynamic perspective. This image was taken around midnight with the full moon to light El Cap and Half Dome as the mist made its way silently through the valley. This was my moment of Zen.

In second place with 28 votes is "Quebrada de Palala" by Garwin Liu

This picture was taken on a 3 day 2 night tour from Tupiza to Uyuni in Bolivia.

In third place with 24 votes is "Kjenndalsbreen, Norway" by weesam2010

Kjenndalsbreen is one of the more accesible tongues of Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in Europe. It's a 20 minute hike from an access road.
The valley was completely deserted, unusual for such a spot in mid summer; but not so unusual considering the weather. It is difficult to see here, but the rain was bucketing it down.
I set the camera up on a tripod and took off my jacket and used it to keep the camera and lens as dry as possible. Which was a fruitless exercise - the rain was slanting in horizontally and there was spray from all waterfalls. The lens' front element was getting continuously soaked. I took a shot, reviewed it for water smears, wiped the lens and kept trying to get a clean shot. After several attempts managed to get this shot. Was far from perfect, but the weather was closing in so quickly, the light was fading, the rain getting (even) worse and the temperature dropping.
Despite this, I think the rain and low grey cloud have made a very atmospheric photo.

In fourth place with 23 votes is "Walking on the dragon's back" by Dan Wiklund

In fifth place with 20 votes is "Almost at Everest" by MysticalAlchemist
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Quebrada de Palala
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Kjenndalsbreen, Norway by weesam2010

Kjenndalsbreen, Norway
MysticalAlchemist 6 years ago
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Almost at Everest by MysticalAlchemist
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Unrefined gold - Tibet by newone0718
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Road through Alamut Valley
AnyRoadAnywhere 6 years ago
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Suru Valley (India) - view of the valley
Óli Már 6 years ago
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Þakgil by Óli Már
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Sunrise over temple by MRKem
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tea plantations by Kuba Abramowicz
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Walking on the dragon's back

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Wakhan valley
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Mirador de Bacunayagua, Cuba
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Monument Valley by scb.mypics
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Rainy Wales- Nant Peris valley (Snowdonia)
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Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park
Ernie Reyes 6 years ago
Route to Rongbuk and Everest Base Camp
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dusk falls over Nice
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Jiuzhaigou (I) by oarranzli
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Remote Norwegian Village
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Franz Josef Glacier Up
PascalBo PRO 6 years ago
Pra Gra - Arolla - Switzerland
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