Aaron Lamb [deleted] 2:37pm, 5 December 2007
Ever been? Drop some photos here and tell us your stories to inspire anyone who hasn’t been to get out there!


ewah 9 years ago
040318, Jayacayan, Honduras

(i guess that remark was for me...)

A campo just outside san marcos de colon in southern honduras between the Nicaragua and Saladorian borders. Friends of mine was out there doing Peace Corp thing there. Inside the building they escorting doctors to give routine checkups to kids. Done with their two year stint an ngo was created to continue the efforts in honduras and abroad (www.enrichtheworld.org)
Aaron Lamb [deleted] 9 years ago
Wow that's quite a story and the websites great too.

Cheers! More photos on Honduras!!
vanouxe [deleted] 9 years ago
yes a great website indeed.
Thanks Aaron for this thread! I 'd love to see more photos too:-)
magellano PRO 9 years ago
Copan - Honduras

Copan - Honduras

Copan scultura

I think the images are enough if you love ancient maya ruins.
Bill Bevan PRO 9 years ago
Dos Hombres

Dos Hombres, San Juan, Ruta Lenca.
January 2008.

This was one of those lucky moments when a shot appeared from where I was sitting inside a community tourism homestay. A minute later they had changed position and the shot was gone. There is something of Christ imagery in the photograph.
Bill Bevan PRO 9 years ago
Fresh Roasted Coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee, San Juan, Ruta Lenca.
Jan 2008

Doña Soledad, the host of uor homestay in San Juan. She demonstrated coffee roasting using beans from her finca. The next day we went with her son to help him pick.

I like the hot steam rising from the beans and the cascade of beans themselves.
Bill Bevan PRO 9 years ago
Glyphs 2

King 18 Rabbit, Copan.
Jan 2008.

The rabbit-like glyph has given rise to the Anglicised name of one of Copan´s most successful rulers. The name has no relation to his true Mayan name but the glyph is very cute!
benkrut 8 years ago
One day visit to Copan...

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