Fotonify PRO 2:32am, 6 September 2005
So where do you like to eat or hang out in London?
Mimiangelo Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Mimiangelo (member) 13 years ago
In Birmingham, le meilleur des cités possibles, there is a café called Eat, which does the most gorgeous, simple, fresh sandwiches.

Their drinks of choice seem to be mineral water and Innocent smoothies, thus targeting the more organic- and health-conscious among us. Perfect for a quick place to go with your little Princess of choice. Not very romantic, but it doesn't waste a lot of time away from shopping, and the designer sandwich-boxes are neat!

Predictably, London (*spit*) also has many many branches dotted around its pathetic series of lines that it calls 'streets'. I shall not waste time naming them here; you can look on the website yourself if you're of that Cockney ilk and/or are so inclined.
Fotonify PRO 13 years ago
Yes, i have seen at least two. Most recently in Mayfair. I tend to go to Sainsbury's and buy sandwiches to eat in Green Park or Berkeley Square... ;)
Allison/Savage Pink PRO 13 years ago
Oh Mimi, so bitter?
Allison/Savage Pink PRO 13 years ago
I want to live in Borough Market personally. With an occasional field trip to Nobu.
Mimiangelo 13 years ago
Why should I be bitter? I'm not bitter! Not at all bitter that London gets all the money and we get architectural travesties like the Bullring!

There is a lot of really nice architecture around Birmingham, really, but that place is just horribly tacky: a veritable altar to consumerism.

I'm very fond of Birmingham, anyways, I'm going to miss it. It's cosier than London...
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