Paolo G 9:14pm, 25 October 2009
If you would like to go for a walk in Cassiobury Park and then down the Grand Union canal to Rickmansworth on Saturday 31st read on.

Meeting time: 11:15am onwards
Meeting Place: Watford Metropolitan Underground Station (on the Met line out of Baker Street)
Start time: 11:30am leave the station

Once we arrive in Rickmansworth we can stop for refreshments before returning by the tube. I know that there are parties on in the evening so I have timed this a little earlier so that people can catch the Met line back from Rickmansworth into London or back to Watford.

If you are interested just add yourself to the upcoming page and reply below.

See my update below relating to the metropolitan line works between Harrow and London.
Organised detour to SRS Microsystems to be included ???
david.kittos 11 years ago
Count me in. I don't like Halloween so I can stay late.
Heart & Soul 11 years ago
count me in to
I'll have to look into this: all going well I would like to be in Regent Street on 31st to photograph the runners in the London to Brighton veteran car rally, and I'll bet it takes quite a while on the tube to get up to Watford from Central London
kathryn102 11 years ago
Don't stay too late David, you might turn into a pumpkin.
I'll be there!
Patrick Mayon Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Patrick Mayon (member) 11 years ago
I will probably be there ... but I'm going to an Halloween fancy dress party on Friday night where I will take photos and drink beer ...
rosie kv 11 years ago
Looks like the Metropolitan line is partially closed on Sat - Yuk!
Paolo G 11 years ago

Thanks to Rosie for the tube update.

Trains (not Metro) will still be running into London Marylebone Station from Rickmansworth on Saturday. Those who wish to go back into London can catch a train (either the *:08 or *:38 minutes past the hour) and the others can use the metropolitan line to get back to Watford.

Those coming up by train to Watford Junction please send me a message by Flickr mail and we will arrange to meet you there beforehand and show you back after the walk.

Thanks, Paul
julesdickson 11 years ago
Oh bugger - I can't come - I am beginning to sound like a broken record - I promise I will catch you guys all soon..
mifme Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mifme (member) 11 years ago
with the tube out where exactly are we meeting again ?

is it Watford underground station ?
kathryn102 11 years ago
Hi mifme,

Watford metropolitan line tube station is only partially open from Harrow-on-the-hill to Watford. See Rosie's link. So no use for travelling from London.

If you are coming to Watford get the main line train to Watford Junction. Email Paul so we know to meet you there, then we walk to the woods. Trains come from Euston.

To get back to London from Rickmansworth you can either catch the main line train back to Marylebone station.

OR you can get the Metro line back from Rickmansworth to Watford tube station, do a bit of a stroll, and get the main line train from Watford Junction into London.

Paul will be reading what I've put later this evening and will add any corrections :-)
mifme 11 years ago
I was going to get the overground from Marylebone to Harrow on the hill then get the met line to Watford metropolitan .... maybe i'll get the mainline to watford junction.
kathryn102 11 years ago
Just send Paul an email when you decide. We walk past the Watford Met line to the park.
mifme 11 years ago
heheh just checked, the route to Watford met takes 1hr 30 mins from my house, the euston/watford junction route takes 40 mins. I've mailed Paul, see you at watford junction around 11.

Paolo G 11 years ago
We got lucky with the weather and even saw a bit of sunshine today. Great to see everyone who made it.

Don't forget the tag for todays photos is:


Cheers, Paul
Thanks for organising Paolo!
rosie kv 11 years ago
Thanks Paul - it was a beautiful still day for a lovely walk.
kathryn102 11 years ago
Thanks for the day Paul. Good to see everyone.Got my feet up now listening to the fireworks outside.
mifme 11 years ago
Thanks Paul, realy enjoyed today.
david.kittos 11 years ago
excellent day out. thx Paul!! Pics to follow...
Heart & Soul 11 years ago
cheers Paul see you soon
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