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LC-A LED lights have stopped working

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BrentCarr says:

The battery and exposure indicator LED's have stopped working in my LC-A.

I've tried replacing the batteries, adjusting the contacts for a snug fit, cleaning the battery contacts but none of this seems to be working.

I've also tried shooting in low light to see if there is the 'double click' of a long exposure just in case the lights are not working but the exposure meter still is. However its just using the same shutter speed no matter what the light conditions.
Anyone got any clues or pearls of wisdom?

6:31AM, 28 November 2007 PDT (permalink)

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The Finedon Secret is a group administrator The Finedon Secret says:

ekk thats a new one to me. Are you any good with a soldering iron?

If the shutters still opening its going to be something electrical and horrible to find. Theres a few things you could do to that might me worth doing just to see if it does anything. If you pop the front of and tighten up the 2 screws on the little circuit board, If theyre loose then they can cause all sort of problems to the auto exposure.

If that make any difference to shutter speed then you could just have duff leds. or poor contact to them. One of things i find tends to sort more things out is to take the top off the camera and cut the wires off the top ciruit (ones the the leds) stip new ends and resolder them.
Opening up the viewfinder

If your not up for soldering and cant get anything out if it you might need to get someone to look at it...
these are roger lean in londons contact details hes a repair wizard.
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BrentCarr says:

Cheers for the help, I'll try & open it up and tighten the screws as your suggestion.
If that fails I'll contact Roger Lean as to be brutally honest I don't now my arse from my elbow when it comes to anything electrical and will probably end up doing more harm than good!

Thanks for the quick reply
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tinm@n says:

I've just bought an "unused" LC-A on Ebay (pure Russian model) and have this problem too. Tried new batteries, snug, clean contacts - no lights and no shuuter speed lag on slowest speed. The guy I bought it off has offered to pay for repair as he's genuine I think and the camera,box and leaflet do look brand spanking new.. Very strange in an unused camera I think !

Very disappointing as i was looking forward to using this camera

Time to contact Roger I think.
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mooch is a group moderator mooch says:

And if you are close to Ireland, I can also help redoing giving it a go ;)
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hermanvonlukeman says:

Thanks for this thread - my LC-A has been sitting dead on my desk since June. Took the advice here about cleaning the battery contacts, and bent the contact spring a little and hey presto - fully working, both LEDs light up and it responds to light. This group is a great resource!
107 months ago (permalink)

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Paul Ikin says:

Thanks forum, just bought another Lomo LC-A(1985) at the markets for $10, I got home and cleaned the minor dust off it, now looks new and perfect lens but it was bricked, no lights, no action.
Just read the above post and decided to bend the contact out a little and da da! Lights on! Camera working as new. I cant believe it really after reading how to pull one of these apart i was a bit nervous.
Got a roll of film in now, lets hope it takes photos.

97 months ago (permalink)

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Palmström says:

I got the same symptoms:
- batteries ok
- batteries contacts ok
- no led lights
- only single click sound while shooting

This means something is wrong with electronics.

I tried to tighten up the 2 screws on the circuit board (image 1), but it didn't help.

What helped: I removed circuit board (I followed the step 4 from www.flickr.com/groups/lomorepairs/discuss/72157600235794442/) and put it back in place. After this the led lights work and I can hear correct double click shutter sound. Probably there was a short circuit somewhere on the circuit board.

94 months ago (permalink)

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bellamckendree says:

I am SOOO happy right now!

My battery and exposure indicator LED's broke after dropping my camera (should really carry these precious things in a case at all timess!!!)

So I followed "Palmstroms" idea of following step 4 from www.flickr.com/groups/lomorepairs/discuss/72157600235794442/ and BINGO the LED lights now work! It was very nerve racking taking it apart ( like a surgical operation) but the instructions are VERY clear and with a lot of patience all was well.

One thing I would mention whilst putting it back together again is:

Before fixing the front cover, turn it over and you will see 2 small silvery knobs on both sides of the lens window. These two should fit exactly into the small openings on the metal ring. Found this from here www.lomography.com/magazine/library/2011/04/27/lc-a-big-b...

Thank you everyone! This site is great! So satisfying fixing your own camera : D
57 months ago (permalink)

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Alecsey Boldeskul Photography says:

If there's no led ligth, and everything else seems normal, and the batteries are inserted in the camera, take the top cover off. Under it you will see a little brass switch

IMG_5082.JPG by The Finedon Secret
. It is seen on the photo right next to the red wire. This switch is resting on shutter release lever. Press down on the brass switch and the sutter release lever with your finter to see if the LED light will come on. If it does the problem may be poor contact on that switch.
53 months ago (permalink)

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EssGee Photography™ says:

I also had no LED lights. Thanks to suggestions, even though batteries were in tight, I pried out the connectors and reinserted the batteries. Problem solved.

Update: Solved temporarily - the real problem turned out to be a corroded battery terminal. I posted my repair as a new thread.
Originally posted 14 months ago. (permalink)
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