Jamie Mellor 3:39pm, 29 October 2008
I am visiting Vietnam in January and I'm wondering how easy and how expensive it is to get slide film over there? For most of my trip I will be in Saigon. Also, is it easy to get film cross-processed?
loominpapa 10 years ago
Slide is available in Saigon, the best place to get it is at a photo lab called Sai Gon, on the corner of Le Thanh Ton St and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St in District 1. It's pretty central, they keep rolls refrigerated and they usually have a few types to choose from (mostly Fuji, if I recall correctly). The cost, varies a bit but it's usually about $5 per 135 36 exposure roll (85,000 VND).

As for X-pro, some may do it if you can explain the idea. I live in Hanoi now and I asked a lab to do it. The guy was a bit confused at first but eventually had no problem with doing it. The only place you can get slide developed properly (E6) is in Saigon. No one does it here in Hanoi, they send it to Sai Gon.
Jamie Mellor 10 years ago
Thanks alot loominpapa, That's a great bit of info. I would also rather get my film out there because I'm affraid the xray machines in customs will fog my film.
loominpapa 10 years ago
You should be ok with the x-ray machines if you keep stuff in your carry on, but you can ask for a hand check if you want. They've been pretty accommodating to me in the past.
jsonrv 9 years ago
thank you for the info sir!
Junniee 9 years ago
do the photo lab called Sai Gon, able to develop film (gt the lomo effect w/o cross-processing)??

Jamie Mellor 9 years ago
I was so happy to find this place, they have a nice collection of film on offer. Not a good photo I know, but here it is....

Saigon Pro Lab

Thanks again loominpapa.
Junniee 9 years ago
so where can i develop my film (lcross-processing, lomo effect) at hcm?

rockable84 9 years ago
@Junniee: For X-pro, actually you can do it every where but the problem is you have to explain them why you want to do this weird work :)

Good luck !!!
dogs and vibes 9 years ago
I have got slide film x-processed at the lab on the corner of NKKN and LTT mentioned earlier. it took a bit of explaining but they were more than happy to dot it...
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