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Shacktalk: Issue 4, v1: A Very Special Shacktalk

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losanjealous ryan is a group administrator losanjealous ryan says:

In This Issue :: A Very Special Shacktalk :: When Shacks Mean Trouble...

Fellow LA Locksmith Shack Flick Ass'n Members, let us all heed the words of Trouble In Mind. Just this weekend prior she found herself capturing some truly stellar examples of textbook LA Locksmith shacks... when, with no warning...trouble erupted: Her purse was stolen while capturing the below specimen.

This story has a happy ending, however: In Trouble's Own Words:

a lady called me tonight from the hollywood library on ivar - they found my bag in the mens restroom.

Read the full tale here, and heed the warnings set forth by our own Trouble In Mind as you set upon your quest(s) to document lockshacks in this, our fair city.

I bid you godspeed.

Until Next Shacktalk I Remain Yours Truly,

losanjealous ryan
President Emeritus and Founder
LA Locksmith Shack Flickr Ass'n
10:43PM, 17 January 2007 PDT (permalink)

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that owl says:

Well...I have to say - I've heard some Shady Shack Sagas, but that one takes the shack!
ages ago (permalink)

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trouble in mind says:

Having to call a locksmith to get my house re-keyed after the theft (& after a day spent chasing down locksmith shacks) well, the irony wasn't lost on me.
ages ago (permalink)

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Michael Zampelli says:

One must shackrafice for one's art.
ages ago (permalink)

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