Low Light Images 11:29pm, 22 February 2015
I have just realised that I started this group just over 4 years ago and have done very little to or for it. So, perhaps it's time to start.

First of all, welcome to the 20-or-so members in the group. It's nice to see that the quality of photography in the group is, IMO of course, very good and there are some outstanding "low light images", as well as some great photos that aren't low light. Naturally, most of us don't take only low light images :)

My original intention was for this "group" to be an adjunct to my own Low Light Images web sites (e.g. there is a link to my Zazzle site in the group description) but that hasn't happened and so it's time to think where to take it now.

I will be launching my site to sell image prints in the very near future so one option is to revert the group to use it for promoting the site but that may be unfair on other members. Other options include just allowing the group to grow naturally and enjoy the photographs - we have a pretty stunning collection so far!

Any comments/suggestions folks?

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