bane711 5:29am, 17 August 2009
I had two questions so I thought to amalgamate the two rather than wait for Flickr to let me post two topics (Anti-Spam), anyway,

Are there any rental studios in Lisburn at all?

Where is the old factory as featured in the most interesting phots section?? Is it still there??

Garibaldi McFlurry PRO 9 years ago
I presume the old factory is at Hilden? Not sure of any studios.
bane711 9 years ago
Thanks, any others??
Catherine Keenan 9 years ago
you should contact Anthea McWilliams who runs the Art Act Gallery on Castle street. She has some studio spaces in the 'Castel Arcade' behind the gallery. Or she could point you in the right direction of somewhere available.

Also, you can hire the galery for exhibitions.
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