Faye Rossi 2:40pm, 12 June 2009
Lisburn City Council have just announce this
worth having a crack at!
ill-fated grass [deleted] 9 years ago
They did a test run of this for education. I might enter but I don't think I have anything Lisburn specific good enough.
Faye Rossi 9 years ago
no I certainly dont, but Its gave me a boot up the arse to go out and take some photos lol
mikey_mcr 9 years ago
is there never a lisburn meetup?
bane711 9 years ago
We should have one!
Faye Rossi 9 years ago
good idea!
TBSteve PRO 9 years ago
I won, I won! - Well Highly commended anyway.


Anyone else get a phonecall?
Faye Rossi 9 years ago
Wooo! Well done :-)
I wonder will we see it on some posters/billboards or something?
TBSteve PRO 9 years ago
Faye Rossi Let me know if you do!
TBSteve PRO 9 years ago
The webpage has been updated with the winners.
Faye Rossi 9 years ago
It doesnt say who the actual winner was, some of those wouldnt have been my choice at all, there were better photos didnt win.
Except yours of course Steve, and cant believe Gary didnt get anything!
I like the snowy one though ,looks like its in Hillsborough
Garibaldi McFlurry PRO 9 years ago
Och Faye, you're too kind! Will have a look to see what the winners were like...
TBSteve PRO 9 years ago
I think the Snow one was 1st.
If you click on the photo's then 'Details' it says what it was awarded.
Faye Rossi 9 years ago
ah I see! thanks Steve
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